Swift Things Are Beautiful Questions & Answers

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Swift Things Are Beautiful Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Meteor – a piece of rock from outer space that makes a bright line across the sky as it burns up while falling through the earth’s atmosphere.
  • Strong-withered – having strong shoulders
  • Ember – a piece of glowing coal
  • Ridges – the back of an animal which is little raised. In case of a horse, it is between shoulders.
  • Crumbles – to fall into pieces or to break down completely

Question 1: How does the poet describe lightning falls?

Answer: The poet describes the bolt as ‘lightening falls’ and says that when a bolt falls from the sky on the earth that is also beautiful.

Question 2: What does the wind blow?

Answer: The wind blows the wheat field.

Question 3: Who is strong footed?

Answer: Horse is strong footed because its legs are strong as it runs quickly.

Question 4: What does it mean for a runner to have ‘sure-feet’?

Answer: For a runner to have ‘sure-feet’ means to be confident while running in the race.

Question 5: What did it mean when the poet called lightning ‘bright – veined’?

Answer: When the poet called lightning ‘bright-veined’, she meant the thin line of the lightning which looks bright and clear like the veins in our hands which can be seen clearly when we look at it. So, the lightning which falls from the sky can also be seen clearly like the veins in our hands.

Question 6: What seems beautiful of the day?

Answer: When the sun sets slowly before evening, it is a beautiful view of the day.

Question 7: What does ‘closing of the day’ refer to the poem?

Answer: ‘The closing of the day’ in the poem refers to the time when the sunsets.

Question 8: And the ox that……..quiet of power. What does the term ‘quiet of power’ mean?

Answer: The term ‘quiet of power’ means silent strength. Here, the poet talks about the strength of the horse and expresses how powerful it is though it does not show its power to anyone while carrying out its activity.

Question 9: What does the phrase ‘wind in the wheat’ create?

Answer: The phrase ‘wind in the wheat’ creates an atmosphere or situation where the wind in the air is used for throwing or separating the mixture of grain from straw. Then, the mixture is thrown into the air and the wind blows away the lighter chaff while the heavier grains fall down.

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