Shipwrecked Questions & Answers

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Shipwrecked Questions & Answers

Question 1: How did Robinson Crusoe manage to reach the deserted island? How did he feel when he finally reached the shore?

Answer: After battling the stormy sea for an hour and a half, he was thrown towards the shore by a raging wave. On reaching the store, he felt exhausted.

Question 2: What did Crusoe do when he saw his ship a quarter mile from the island’s shore?

Answer: He decided to go out to the ship and bring back some things which would be useful to him on the island.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

I plunged into the sea….………………………….rope hanging over the side.

(a) What does it mean to ‘make for’ something?

Answer: It means to move towards something.

(b) What did Crusoe find on his ship?

Answer: He found an axe and the other seamen’s boxes, which he filled with bread, rice and cheese. He also found some clothes and a broken oar.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:

From there I could see that……………………………. No one living on the island but wild beasts.

(a) Who is Crusoe talking to here?

Answer: Crusoe is talking to a listener/reader to his story.

(b) What does he mean by ‘from there’?

Answer: By ‘from there’ he means from the top of a little hill.

(c) What makes Crusoe call himself a prisoner? What does this tell us about his state of mind?

Answer: Crusoe called himself a prisoner because he was struck on that island with nowhere to go. This tells us that he felt hopeless and alone.

Question 5: Read and answer the questions:

“What use are you………………………………….you but me.”

(a) Who is ‘you’ in these lines?

Answer: ‘You’ in these lines are gold and silver coins.

(b) Why does everyone in the world desire it?

Answer: Everyone in the world desire it because they are expensive and people can buy many things with them.

(c) How do you think Crusoe feels at this point?

Answer: Crusoe feels quite hopeless at this point.

So, these were Shipwrecked Questions & Answers.

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