Going Solo Questions & Answers

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Going Solo Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the sentences:

(a) At the aerodrome, we had three instructors and three planes.
(b) Tiger moth is a totally efficient and very acrobatic little plane powered by a gypsy engine.
(c) The engine was running and I was getting a rush of wind full in the face from the slipstream.
(d) On the first flight, I was almost asphyxiated by the slipstream.
(e) A log book of a pilot contained a record of every flight, the purpose, destination of the trip and the time spent in air.
(f) In the Great Rift Valley, the big game and the smaller game were as plentiful as cows on a dairy farm.
(g) Every day I saw the animals from the cockpit of Tiger Moth.
(h) Huge herds of buffalo and wildebeest stampede in all directions as I whizzed over.
(i) I flew over the pink flamingos on Lake Nakuru and around the snow summit of Mount Kenya.
(j) Roald Dahl wrote a letter to his mother about the time he was learning to fly.

Question 2: Write True or False:

(a) The author flew in his Tiger Moth through the sky above India – False
(b) Tiger Moth is a very efficient and hardy airplane – True
(c) Instructor of the author was Wilson – False
(d) Whenever a pilot flying a military aeroplane, he must sit on his food box – False
(e) Roald Dahl was a very tall person – True
(f) In every military camp, an officer should do all works like preparing food, washing utensils and clothes etc. on his own – True
(g) Author Roald Dahl lost his log book – False
(h) The spotted leopard in the story was watching the pink flamingos – False
(i) Roald Dahl wrote a letter to his mother on 4th December 1939 – True
(j) Roald Dahl was an American writer and fighter pilot – True

Question 3: How many planes and instructors were there in the aerodrome?

Answer: There were three instructors and three planes in the aerodrome.

Question 4: Who borrowed the pilots and from where?

Answer: The civil airline pilots were borrowed by the RAF from a small domestic company called Wilson Airways.

Question 5: Describe the Tiger Moth in short.

Answer: The Tiger Moth is a thing of great beauty. It is a totally efficient and very acrobatic little plane powered by a gypsy engine.

Question 6: Why the height of a military pilot increase about six inches when he sits in cockpit?

Answer: While flying a military aeroplane, the pilot has to sit on his own parachute which adds another six inches to his height.

Going Solo Questions & Answers

Question 7: What was the problem the author faced on his first flight?

Answer: As the author was tall, his entire head stuck up in the open air. As the engine started running, he was getting a rush of wind full in the face from the slipstream which made him unable to breathe.

Question 8: How the author overcome the problem of his first flight?

Answer: On his first flight, the author suffered from breathing problem due to the slipstream and survived only by ducking into the cockpit for deep breaths every few seconds. Then, he tied a thin cotton scarf around his nose and mouth which made his breathing possible.

Question 9: How did the Log Book of RAF pilot look like?

Answer: The Log Book of RAF pilot was an almost square (8”x9”) book, 1” thick and bound between two very hard covers faced with blue canvas.

Question 10: Name the important geographical areas which are referred in this story.


1. Great Rift Valley
2. Lake Nakuru
3. Mount Kenya

Question 11: Name the animals which the author could watch when flying over Kenya?

Answer: The animals that he could watch were huge herds of buffalo and wildebeest, kudu, Thomson’s gazelle, impala, giraffe, rhino, elephant, lion, spotted leopard, pink flamingos, etc.

Question 12: Why the author referred himself as fortune fellow several times?

Answer: The author referred himself as fortune fellow because at the time of his training period in RAF, he got the opportunity to fly alone and watch the beautiful nature and its creatures, free of cost. As a nature-lover, he thought so.

Question 13: Read and answer the questions:

Everyone who has ever flown a Tiger Moth has fallen in love with it.

(a) Who said this about the Tiger Moth planes?

Answer: The author Roald Dahl said this about the Tiger Moth planes.

(b) What made everyone fall in love with it according to the speaker?

Answer: According to the speaker, the Tiger Moth plane was a beautiful plane and acrobatic plane. This made everyone fell in love with it.

(c) Why were these planes chosen to train new pilots?

Answer: These planes were chosen to train new pilots because these were totally efficient and very acrobatic powered by a Gypsy engine which had never known to fail in mid-air.

Going Solo Questions & Answers

Question 14: Read and answer the questions:

An RAF Pilot’s Log Book by the way is, or certainly was in those days quite a formidable affair…..You never lost your Log Book.

(a) Why was the pilot’s Log Book a ‘formidable affair’?

Answer: It is because it looked very elegant with a square shape and two very hard covers, with a blue canvas.

(b) What did it have records of?

Answer: It had record of every flight the pilots ever made as well as the plane they were flying, the purpose and the destination of the trip and the time they had spent in the air.

(c) The narrator’s log book said that he ‘went solo after 7 hours 40 minutes’. Is that a good record?

Answer: It was an average record.

Question 15: Read and answer the questions:

My rank-a Leading Aircraftman, with every opportunity of becoming a pilot officer in a few months if I don’t make a B.F. of myself.

(a) Who are these lines addressed to?

Answer: These lines are addressed to narrator’s mother.

(b) Who does ‘B.F.’ mean in these lines? Can you guess?

Answer: It means big fool.

(c) What is the narrator’s tone in these lines?

Answer: The narrator is optimistic and happy.

Question 16: What do you think the narrator wanted to do through his description of the Tiger Moth – entertain, inform or inspire you? What makes you say that?

Answer: I think the narrator wanted to inform because he is very fond of this aircraft and want others to know about how good the Tiger Moth was.

Question 17: How many young men, I kept asking myself, were lucky enough to be allowed to go whizzing and soaring through the sky above a country as beautiful as Kenya? What do these lines tell us about the kind of person the narrator is?

Answer: According to these lines. the narrator considered himself to be extremely fortunate to be able to fly the plane, and he loved nature.

Question 18: Explain the main idea of the lesson in your own words.

Answer: The main idea of the lesson is to inform the readers about the qualities of the Tiger Moth because the author feels the people might soon forget the legendary aircraft.

So, these were Going Solo Questions & Answers.

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