Athos Porthos and Aramis Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Athos Porthos and Aramis Questions & Answers.

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Athos Porthos and Aramis Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the sentences:

(a) D’Artagnan was in such a hurry because he was running to catch the person from Meung.
(b) Madame de Bois Tracy was lady love of Aramis, one of the Musketeers.
(c) When Aramis said, ‘and from there, we will proceed to a quiet and lonely place, it tells us that they are going for a duel.
(d) The difficult situation in which D’Artagnan found himself was that he going to have fight three duels in a matter of three hours.
(e) Athos called D’Artagnan ‘a man with a lot of courage’ because he was ready to fight with the Cardinal’s guards and did not move a step from there.
(f) The Musketeers saluted Biscarrat because of his bravery, as he refused to surrender his sword and broke his sword across his knees.

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:

He had barely gone down the first step when an iron hand seized him and stopped him from running down.

(a) Who is ‘he’?

Answer: ‘He’ is D’Artagnan.

(b) What happened just before?

Answer: Before that D’Artagnan just ran into a musketeer who was coming out of a room at the side and almost knocked him down.

(c) Whose iron hand was it?

Answer: It was the iron hand of Athos, the first Musketeer.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

‘Thanks to my eyes I can see what others do not’.

(a) Who is saying this and to whom?

Answer: D’Artagnan is saying to Porthos.

(b) What has he seen?

Answer: He has seen that Porthos belt was made with gold and the rest of the part is made of simple leather.

(c) How does the other person react to this statement?

Answer: The other person, that is Porthos reacted angrily and challenged him for a duel at one o’clock behind the Luxembourg Palace.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:

‘I believe Sir, this kerchief belongs to you?

(a) Who is ‘I’ and who is ‘Sir’?

Answer: In the above line, ‘I’ refers to D’Artagnan and ‘Sir’ is Aramis.

(b) Why did the speaker pick up the kerchief?

Answer: The speaker picked up the kerchief to help Aramis.

(c) Whose kerchief was it?

Answer: It was Madame de Bois-Tracy’s kerchief.

Question 5: Who are Musketeers? What do they do?

Answer: Musketeers are soldiers who used muskets, a kind of long gun. They are responsible for protecting the French royal family and only the best among the brave are given the honourable title.

Question 6: What quality did Athos, Porthos, Aramis and D’Artagnan have in common?

Answer: Athos, Porthos, Aramis and D’Artagnan were all musketeers. They all were brave and bold.

Question 7: Describe D’Artagnan’s encounter with Porthos.

Answer: D’Artagnan was in hurry, running after someone. Porthos was talking to another musketeer at the corner of the street. When D’Artagnan was trying to rush on between them, he was caught in Porthos long cloak. This incident made Porthos angry and challenged him for a duel at one o’clock behind the Luxembourg Palace.

Question 8: What made Aramis blush?

Answer: Aramis was trying to hide the handkerchief which dropped from his hand because it belonged to his lady love but as Aramis picked it up, everyone teased him which made him blush.

Question 9: How did the other guards react when Aramis snatched the handkerchief?

Answer: When Aramis snatched the handkerchief from D’Artagnan, the other guards started to tease him because they already identified the actual owner of the kerchief.

Question 10: Who was Biscarrat, what do we get to know about him?

Answer: Biscarrat was one of the Cardinal’s guards. During the fight, he had shown the traits of a brave and respectful Cardinal’s guard.

Question 11: Why was D’Artagnan happy in the end?

Answer: D’Artagnan was happy because he had been accepted by the Musketeers and his bravery had been recognized.

So, these were Athos Porthos and Aramis Questions & Answers.

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