Finding The Toothbrush Questions & Answers

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Finding The Toothbrush Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Heap – untidy pile
  • Readily – quickly
  • Boss the job – give orders and directions about how to do the work
  • Pouch – a small bag made of leather or cloth
  • In a cold perspiration – sweating because of fear
  • Hampers – large baskets with lids
  • Trod – stepped heavily

Question 1: Where were the speaker and his friends going? What were some of the things they had to pack?

Answer: The speaker and his friends were going on a boating holiday on the River Thames in England. They had to pack boots, toothbrush, soap, plates, cups, kettles, bottles, jars. Pies, stoves, cakes, tomatoes, salt, butter and strawberry jam.

Question 2: Why did the speaker offer to do the packing? Did he really want to pack?

Answer: The speaker offered to do the packing because he was proud of his packing skills. However, he did not really want to pack. He had thought that he would boss the job.

Question 3: How many times did the speaker have to repack the bag? Why?

Answer: The speaker had to repack his bag thrice. The first time was because he had forgotten to pack the boots. Next, he could not find his toothbrush and has to turn out everything. Finally, he reopened it once more to take out his pouch.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:
I felt that it would be fun to watch them.

(a) Who are referred to as ‘they’?

Answer: George and Harris are referred to as ‘they’.

(b) Why did the speaker think it would be fun to watch them?

Answer: The speaker thought that it would be fun to watch them because he thought that both George and Harris were very bad packers. They had a lot of things to pack. The speaker thought that they would find the job difficult and would make a mess.

Finding The Toothbrush Questions & Answers

Question 5: Were the other two men better packers? Why or why not?

Answer: No, the other two men were not better packers. We know this because they broke a cup, dropped salt over everything, smashed the tomatoes and pies, stepped and sat on the butter and lost things.

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:
First, George dropped it on his slipper.

(a) What is referred to as ‘it’?

Answer: Butter is referred to as ‘it’.

(b) What else had been dropped before this?

Answer: Salt had been dropped before this.

(c) What happened after this?

Answer: After George picked up the butter, he and Harris tried to keep it inside a kettle. But all of the butter would not go inside the kettle. So, they had to remove it with a spoon. Then, they put down the butter on a chair. Harris sat on it and it stuck to him. He and George went all over the room looking for it.

Question 7: Were the three friends helping each other? How could they have finished the packing sooner?

Answer: No, the three friends were not helping each other. They could have finished the packing sooner if rather than watching others making mistakes, they had worked together.

Question 8: Choose the correct option:

(a) The speaker and his friends were going on a___________.

i. cycling holiday
ii. walking holiday
iii. boating holiday

(b) The first person to pack was___________.

i. George
ii. the speaker
iii. Harris

(c) While travelling, the speaker was always worried about___________.

i. comb
ii. boots
iii. toothbrush

(d) When George and Harris started packing, they___________.

i. broke a cup
ii. smashed a pie
iii. dropped the butter

(e) George and Harris tried to use the kettle to carry the___________.

i. jam
ii. butter
iii. tea

(f) The packing was finished___________.

i. after midnight
ii. at sunrise
iii. in the evening

So, these were Finding The Toothbrush Questions & Answers.

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