Footprints Without Feet Questions & Answers

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Written by H.G Wells, this story is an excerpt from the famous novel ‘An Invisible Man’. It narrates multiple episodes of a how a brilliant scientist named Griffin discovers a way to get invisible. In my previous posts, I have shared Footprints Without Feet MCQ, A Triumph of Surgery Questions & Answers and The Thief’s Story Questions & Answers so, you can check these posts as well.

Footprints Without Feet Questions & Answers

Question 1: How did the two boys in London react when they saw fresh muddy impressions? Why?

Answer: On seeing the fresh muddy impressions, the two boys were surprised and fascinated. This is because the impressions were made by a pair of human feet without a body and were descending down the steps of a house and advancing down the street.

Question 2: What were the muddy impressions?

Answer: The muddy impressions were the footprints of the invisible scientist Griffin which were followed by the boys.

Question 3: Why were the impressions muddy? Why did they first become fainter and then disappear?

Answer: The impressions were muddy because while trying to escape without clothes and shoes, Griffin had stepped in mud. They grew fainter and eventually disappeared because after walking some distance, the mud around the feet had dried up.

Question 4: Who was Griffin? Why did he carry out experiments? Did he succeed?

Answer: Griffin was a brilliant scientist who carried out a number of experiments to prove that human body could become invisible. He succeeded in discovering some rare drugs which could make one invisible and transparent like glass.

Question 5: Why does the writer say that Griffin was a ‘lawless’ person?

Answer: The writer said so because he had set fire to the house of his landlord who wanted to eject him from the house. This was an illegal act which proved that Griffin did not care for rule of law and also proved his short-temperedness and revengeful nature.

Question 6: Why did Griffin become a homeless wanderer?

Answer: Griffin’s landlord wanted to eject him from the house so, he set fire to the house of his landlord and ran away from there. To escape punishment, he swallowed his invisibility drug and wandered aimlessly and that is how, he became a homeless wanderer.

Question 7: What were the ‘adventures’ and why were they not over?

Answer: The adventures were Griffin’s odd experiences owing to his mysterious invisibility. They were not over because although Griffin had been able to get rid of the curious boys who followed his muddy footprints, he was feeling cold in the absence of clothes. This led to more misadventures that made him steal and scare people for the sake of survival.

Question 8: Why was it a bad time of the year?

Answer: It was the month of January, which is bitterly cold in London and Griffin had to wander without clothes. So, it was a bad time of the year.

Question 9: Why did Griffin decide to step into the big London store?

Answer: Griffin decided to step into the big London store to escape the fury of the chilly January weather and to get some warmth.

Question 10: Describe the things Griffin did in the London store.

Answer: London store proved to be a blessing in disguise for Griffin as he was able to cover himself with warm clothes, had a hearty meal of cold meat and coffee followed by sweets and wine, and also got a pile of quilts to sleep on.

Footprints Without Feet Questions & Answers

Question 11: Who discovered Griffin in the London store? What happened after the discovery?

Answer: At the London store, Griffin overslept and was discovered by the assistants who arrived in the morning. In order to escape from getting caught, he removed all his clothes and ran out to roam naked on the streets for a second time and was once again exposed to the winter chill.

Question 12: What did Griffin do in a shop in Drury Lane?

Answer: Griffin went to Drury Lane, the centre of the theatre world, in the hope of getting some material so that he could change his appearance and avoid being recognised. From here, Griffin took some clothes, wore a bandage round his head, dark glasses, a false nose, big bushy side-whiskers and a large hat.

Question 13: Why did Griffin attack the shopkeeper in Drury Lane from behind?

Answer: Griffin attacked the shopkeeper in Drury Lane from behind because he wanted to steal money from the shop and also wanted to escape unseen.

Question 14: Why did Griffin leave London? Where did he go?

Answer: After Griffin’s encounter at the London store and the Drury Lane, he left London because he found it difficult to survive there. He was under threat of being discovered so, he left London and went to a small village called Iping.

Question 15: Why did Griffin’s arrival in Iping set the villagers’ tongues wagging?

Answer: Griffin’s arrival in Iping set the villagers’ tongues wagging because arrival of a stranger in the village in mid-winter was a rare and uncommon sight. Also, Griffin had a very odd appearance and strange behaviour.

Question 16: How did Griffin react to Mrs Hall’s efforts to be friendly with him?

Answer: Griffin gave a cold shoulder to Mrs Hall and told her curtly that he had come to Iping for some solitude and did not wish to be disturbed in his work. Besides, an accident had affected his face.

Question 17: Why was Mrs. Hall prepared to excuse Griffin’s strange habits and irritable temper?

Answer: Mrs Hall could judge that her guest was an eccentric scientist, was a rare guest in the harsh winters and moreover, he was making the payments in advance. So, she was prepared to excuse Griffin’s strange habits and irritable temper because she was shrewd businesswoman and did not want to lose this opportunity to make some money.

Question 18: Why was Mrs Hall satisfied that her guest was an eccentric scientist?

Answer: Griffin discouraged Mrs Hall friendly approach by telling her curtly that he had come to Iping for some solitude and did not wish to be disturbed in his work. Moreover, he had a very odd appearance. So, Mrs Hall was satisfied that her guest was an eccentric scientist.

Question 19: Why did Griffin tell Mrs Hall that he was expecting a cheque soon?

Answer: Griffin wanted to prolong his stay at the inn so, he told Mrs Hall that he was expecting a cheque soon. Also, he wanted Mrs Hall not to force him for more money after the advance paid by him had got finished.

Question 20: What were the ‘strange habits’ of Mrs Hall’s guest?

Answer: Mrs Hall’s guest had the strange habit of keeping the door of his room shut and locked. He would be furious if anyone entered his room.

Footprints Without Feet Questions & Answers

Question 21: What ‘curious episode’ or ‘extraordinary affair’ occurred in the study of the clergyman?

Answer: The curious episode or ‘extraordinary affair’ that occurred in the study of the clergyman was that even though the money from the desk was missing, still there was no one in the room. It was a strange case of robbery without a robber who could be heard but could not be seen.

Question 22: “The opportunity seemed too good to be missed”. What was the ‘opportunity’? For whom was the ‘opportunity’ too good to be missed. Why?

Answer: The ‘opportunity’ was to enter the room of Griffin in his absence since the usually locked door was open that day. This opportunity was too good to be missed for Mr and Mrs Hall because by exploring Griffin’s room, they could have found out the true identity of their strange guest.

Question 23: Describe the experience of the Halls in the room of their eccentric scientist-guest.

Answer: The Halls had a strange and frightening experience in the room of their eccentric scientist-guest. Mrs Hall suddenly heard a sniff close to her ear. Then, the hat on the bedpost leapt up and dashed into her face and the chair sprung into the air and charged at both of them, pushed them out of the room, slamming and locking the door after them.

Question 24: Why did Mrs Hall become hysterical after her weird experiences in the scientist’s room?

Answer: After her weird experiences in the scientist’s room, Mrs Hall became hysterical because it was strange to have the hat and chair rise up on their own. When Mrs Hall saw the chair springing into the air and charging straight at her, she was convinced that the room was haunted by spirits.

Question 25: Why was Mrs Hall demanding an explanation from Griffin about the chair?

Answer: Mrs Hall was doing so because she believed that Griffin was a dubious man and had acquired some magical control over her chair.

Question 26: What was done by Griffin in a minute?

Answer: In a minute, Griffin threw off bandages, whiskers, spectacles, false nose and other things in a minute that he had wrapped around to give his invisible face some shape.

Question 27: Who was the ‘headless man’? Why was he ‘headless’?

Answer: Griffin was the headless man because he had removed the bandages etc. that had given a shape to his invisible head.

Question 28: Who was Jaffers? Why was he sent for secretly?

Answer: Jaffers was the village constable at Iping. He was sent for secretly because the people did not want to give Griffin any chance to escape and also, nobody wanted him to know about the plan of his arrest.

Question 29: What difficult task was Jaffers called upon to do?

Answer: The difficult task that Jaffers was called upon to do was of arresting Griffin. It was a difficult task because he had to arrest a man who is headless and who was gradually “becoming more and more invisible,” and was raining blows indiscriminately.

Question 30: How did Griffin escape from the Inn?

Answer: After getting cornered by Mrs Hall, the villagers and constable Jaffers, Griffin discarded all his clothes including the bandages on his face, glasses, whiskers, hat and even nose to become completely invisible. Using his invisibility to his advantage, he escaped from the inn after punching blows at all those who tried to ‘hold on’ to him.

Question 31: How would you assess Griffin as a scientist?

Griffin was an intelligent and efficient scientist who had successfully discovered rare drugs that make a person invisible. However, he was not having good moral values because he misused his discovery.

So, these were Footprints Without Feet Questions & Answers.

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