For God’s Sake Hold Thy Tongue Questions & Answers

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For God’s Sake Hold Thy Tongue Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Do down – humiliate someone
  • Admonish – to advise someone to do or not to do something
  • Vent – to express an emotion in a forceful way
  • Condemn – to criticize something strongly
  • Scandalmonger – a person who spreads malicious talk about other people
  • Similitude – example
  • Mimicry – to copy the movements or sounds of other people
  • Belittle – to make a person or an action seem unimportant

Question 1: What do the Quran and the traditions of the Prophet (S.A.W) tell us on backbiting and scandal mongering?

Answer: Both the Quran and the traditions of the Prophet (S.A.W) condemn and criticize backbiting and scandal-mongering. The Holy Quran curses such people and the Hadith compares them to a person eating the flesh of his dead brother.

Question 2: What do the Granth Sahib and Lord Budha tell us on backbiting?

Answer: The Granth Sahib says that the slanderer or the backbiter is always burdened by the load of his sins.  Lord Budha in his eightfold path says that one requires living a life based on the right speech.

Question 3: On backbiting, what do the Bible and the Gita tell us?

Answer: The Gita says that freedom from the habit of backbiting is the quality of a person who is born to God-like endowments. The Bible says that a person, who doesn’t stumble in what he says, is a perfect man.

For God’s Sake Hold Thy Tongue Questions & Answers

Question 4: Why did the servant of Rabbi Simeon bring tongue both the times?

Answer: The servant of Rabbi Simeon brought tongues both the times because he considered the tongue as a source of both good as well as evil. There was nothing better than a good tongue and nothing worse than an evil one according to him.

Question 5: Why did Rabbi Simeon invite his disciples for a meal?

Answer: Rabbi Simeon invited his disciples for a meal in order to teach them a valuable lesson. He served both the soft and hard tongues at the meal. The disciples ate the soft ones and left the hard ones untouched. On this, Rabbi told them that as they preferred soft tongues to harder ones for eating, they should always use soft tongue in the conversation too.

Question 6: In what way our tongue do good or bad to others?

Answer: When we use our tongue in a soft and polite manner it spreads happiness and pleasure. But when the same tongue is used in a rude manner it hurts others.

Question 7: What according to you is the moral of the lesson?

Answer: The moral of the lesson is that backbiting and scandal-mongering are big evils of our society. We must always refrain from such malice.

So, these were For God’s Sake Hold Thy Tongue Questions & Answers.

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