The Boy with a Catapult Questions & Answers

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The Boy with a Catapult Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Callous – insensitive
  • Assortment – mixed collection
  • Vindictive – with the desire to hurt
  • Catapult – a device that is used to hurl stones or pebbles
  • Outskirts – a region on the boundary of a city, town, forest, etc.
  • Strutted – walked in a very proud manner
  • Lair – the resting place of an animal
  • Menacingly – in a threatening way
  • Bundle of nerves – very nervous
  • Rafter – a beam that forms part of the framework of a roof
  • Antics – funny, playful tricks

The Boy with a Catapult Summary

Written by Bhisham Sahni, The Boy with a Catapult’ is a story about a boy named Bodh Raj. He is a cruel boy who likes to kill birds, beasts, insects, etc. and always keeps a catapult in his hands. The narrator calls him to help clear the nests in their godown. There, when Bodh Raj is trying to hit the baby birds with his catapult; he notices that a Kite is also attacking them. This suddenly changes his heart and he protects the baby birds from the attack of the kite. After this incident, he changes completely and instead of catapult he brings grains to feed the birds.

The Boy with a Catapult Questions & Answers

Question 1: What kind of a boy was Bodh Raj? List the words from the text that describe him.

Answer: He was the oddest boy in the school and was callous. He would catch a wasp with his bare finger, pull out its sting, tie a thread round it and fly it like a kite. He was vindictive and took pleasure in hurting others. Everyone was afraid of him. If Bodh Raj quarrelled with anyone, he would charge at him head-on like a bull or viciously kick and bite him. The words that describe Bodh Raj are odd, vindictive and callous.

Question 2: Why did the narrator’s mother tolerate his friendship with Bodh Raj?

Answer: The narrator’s new house was far from the city and his friends seldom came to visit him. Since he was lonely and needed company, his mother tolerated Bodh Raj.

Question 3: Why did the narrator’s new home appeal to Bodh Raj?

Answer: The narrator’s new home appealed to Bodh Raj because he found it a good hunting ground. The garden was full of trees and shrubs and many birds and animals like monkeys, mongooses, pigeons and mynas lived in it.

Question 4: Why was the narrator afraid of taking Bodh Raj to the storeroom in his new house? Did his fears come true?

Answer: The narrator afraid of taking Bodh Raj to the storeroom in his new house because he thought that Bodh Raj might kill the birds. Though Bodh Raj begins destroying a nest of myna chicks but he ended up rescuing them. So, the narrator’s fears did not come true.

Question 5: What change did the narrator notice in Bodh Raj while the latter was hunting the mynah chicks?

Answer: The narrator noticed a change of heart in Bodh Raj. Bodh Raj was set upon destroying the nest of the mynas and perhaps even killing the myna chicks. But when he saw that the kite was going to harm the chicks, a change came over him and he tried to protect them.

Question 6: How did Bodh Raj save the mynah chicks?

Answer: Bodh Raj saved the Mynah chicks by continuously distracting the kite by aiming at it with a catapult. He handed the catapult and pebbles to the narrator and told him to keep hitting the kite and not let it sit down. Meanwhile, he climbed up and reached the nest. Then, he gently lifted the nest, slowly stepped down and placed the nest in a box in the garage. He made sure that the chicks were safe and that their parents would find them. Then he fed the chicks some water but did not touch them.

So, these were The Boy with a Catapult Questions & Answers.

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