The Land of Story-Books Questions & Answers

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The Land of Story-Books Questions & Answers


The poem is written by Robert Louis Stevenson. In this poem, we see a child who is extremely fond of land of storybooks. In the evening, when his parents sit around the fire and talk, he crawls behind the sofa and imagines the place to be a hunter’s camp. He thinks of all the stories he has read and imagines himself to be in one such land of adventure. He imagines himself to being an Indian scout. He imagines hills and woods and roaring lions that come to the river bank to drink water. But he needs to return from his land of imagination when his mother comes in to wish him good night.

Question 1: Write True or False:

(a) The speaker’s parents sit silently in the room – False
(b) The events in the poem occur in daytime – False
(c) The speaker imagines lions drinking water by a river – True
(d) The speaker is sitting on the sofa – False
(e) The speaker’s nurse makes him go to bed – True

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

(a) Why does the child crawl against the wall?

i. Because he wants to steal the gun
ii. So that no one see him.

(b) What does the poet do when his parents sit and talk in the evening?

i. He reads story books.
ii. He goes to camp.

(c) Which line suggest the child’s love for storybooks?

i. and go to bed with backward looks.
ii. Home, I return across the seas

(d) How long does the child stay in the land of storybooks?

i. till it is time to play
ii. till it is time to go to sleep

(e) Where does the child lie so that no one can see him?

i. behind the sofa back
ii. behind the camp

Question 3: What are the speaker’s parents doing while sitting near the fireplace?

Answer: While sitting near the fireplace, the speaker’s parents talk and sing without playing at anything.

Question 4: Where does the speaker imagine the forest track to be?

Answer: The speaker imagines the forest track behind the sofa.

The Land of Story-Books Questions & Answers

Question 5: What does the poet use to create forest track?

Answer: The poet crawls with his little gun in the dark along the wall to create forest track.

Question 6: What is the speaker doing in his Hunters camp?

Answer: The speaker in his hunter’s camp plays at books that he has read.

Question 7: Describe the things the poet talks about in the 4th stanza.

Answer: The things that the poet talks about in the 4th stanza are – hills, woods, river and roaring lions.

Question 8: From the poem, pick out two phrases that indicate that the speaker is happy in the company of his books.

Answer: Two phrases that indicate that the speaker is happy in the company of his books are – “Play at books that I have read” and “At me dear land of story books.”

Question 9: Overall how does the poet depict childhood? Site any symbol, image or word that contribute to his depiction.

Answer: The poet depicts childhood as an exciting journey into the land of story books. The poet has used words like crawling in the dark, forest track, hunter’s camp and Indian scout that contribute to this depiction.

So, these were The Land of Story-Books Questions & Answers.

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