Heidi Questions & Answers

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Heidi Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Peter pushes………..down to the valley.

i. the stick
ii. Clara
iii. the wheelchair

(b) ………….shows Clara the beauty of her world.

i. Peter
ii. Aunt Dete
iii. Heidi

(c) Aunt Dete brings Heidi to…………

i. to take care of her grandfather.
ii. the doctor.
iii. take care of Clara

(d) With the support of Peter and Heidi, Clara…………..

i. make efforts to roam free on the mountains.
ii. could make efforts to walk
iii. moves around a wheel chair

Question 2: Fill in the blanks:

(a) Peter felt an inward throw of these words and a great seized him.
(b) Heidi felt sorry for him and answered assuringly.
(c) Clara wants to see the flowers and is forced to walk.
(d) Peter’s anguish of mind grew more acute.
(e) The supports were rather wobbly.

Question 3: Who said to whom?


Heidi Questions & Answers

Answer: Heidi to Peter


Heidi Questions & Answers

Answer: Heidi to Clara


Heidi Questions & Answers

Answer: Peter to Heidi



Answer: Heidi to Clara



Answer: Clara to Heidi

Heidi Questions & Answers

Question 4: Why does Aunt Dete take Heidi to her grandfather?

Answer: Aunt Dete takes Heidi to her grandfather because Heidi was an orphan child and she could not take care of her.

Question 5: What made Peter so submissive with fear?

Answer: Peter thought that Heidi had got to know about his wicked act of smashing the wheelchair and now she would tell this to her grandfather whom he scared so much. This thought made him submissive with fear.

Question 6: When does Peter get terribly jealous and what does he do at that time?

Answer: When Peter notices his friend Heidi taking Clara to the pastures, he gets jealous and he pushes the empty wheelchair of Clara down to the valley.

Question 7: Why have Heidi, Clara and Peter decided to come up to the pastures everyday?

Answer: They decided to come to the pastures everyday so that they can help Clara to make her walk more stronger and well.

Question 8: What could be the greatest joy in the world for Clara?

Answer: For Clara, there could be no greater joy in the world than to be strong and able to walk like other people.

So, these were Heidi Questions & Answers.

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