Freedom Questions & Answers

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Freedom Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False for the following statements:

1. Vicky brought the squirrel from the garden – True
2. Vicky kept the squirrel in a box – False
3. After a few days, the youngone became fat – False
4. The squirrel was happy in the cage – False
5. Vicky set the squirrel free – True

Question 2: Where did Vicky go on a Sunday morning?

Answer: On a Sunday morning, Vicky went to a garden near his home.

Question 3: Which things delighted Vicky?

Answer: Vicky was delighted to see the colourful butterflies, chirping birds and dragon-flies.

Question 4: Where did Vicky keep the squirrel?

Answer: Vicky kept the squirrel in a cage as he wanted to keep it as a pet.

Question 5: What sounds did the little squirrel make on seeing Vicky?

Answer: On seeing Vicky, the little squirrel made strange sounds.

Question 6: Why did the young squirrel become weak and feeble?

Answer: The young squirrel became weak and feeble because it stopped eating anything and rolled to one side of the cage.

Question 7: What did Vicky give squirrel to eat?

Answer: Vicky gave squirrel fruits to eat.

Question 8: What did the squirrel try to do?

Answer: The squirrel tried again and again to slip out of the cage but failed.

Question 9: What happened after a few days with the little squirrel?

Answer: After few days, the little squirrel became sluggish. It stopped eating anything and rolled to one side of the cage. It grew weak and looked feeble.

Question 10: What is the significance of freedom?

Answer: Freedom is dear to one and all not only to human beings alone but also to all animals and birds.

Question 11: What did Vicky do after bringing the squirrel home?

Answer: After bringing the squirrel home, Vicky put it in the cage as he wanted to keep it as a pet. Vicky offered it water to drink and fruits to eat. He tried to fondle it and walk with it. But the little one did not like all that.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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