The Noblest Deed Questions & Answers

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The Noblest Deed Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False for the following statements:

1. The old man had four sons – False
2. The old man gave his sons three months’ time – True
3. The eldest son saved a boy who was drowning – False
4. The second son was perfect at swimming – False
5. The youngest son forgave his enemy – True
6. The old man gave the ring and the chain to the youngest son – True

Question 2: How many sons did the old man have?

Answer: The old man had three sons.

Question 3: What did the old man divide among his three sons?

Answer: The old man divided all his property among his three sons.

Question 4: What did the old man retain with him?

Answer: The old man retained with him a gold chain and a costly ring.

Question 5: Whom did the youngest son catch red-handed?

Answer: The youngest son caught the person who came to kill him red-handed.

Question 6: Who was to be given the ring and the gold chain?

Answer: The ring and the gold chain would be given to the son amongst the three, who would perform the noblest deed.

Question 7: What did the eldest son do?

Answer: The eldest son returned the bag full of gold coins and rupees to its owner that he found lying on the roadside while he was on his journey.

Question 8: Who got the gold chain and the ring? Why?

Answer: The youngest son got the gold chain and the ring because he performed the noble deed of forgiving someone.

Question 9: What noble deed did the second son do?

Answer: The second son saved a drowning boy thought he was not perfect at swimming.

Question 10: Who became the enemy of the youngest son while he was in town? What did he do?

Answer: During the stay of the youngest son in the town, a person picked up a quarrel with him and became his enemy. One night, when he was asleep, that person came to kill him. He wanted to stab him.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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