Fair Shares Questions & Answers

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Fair Shares Questions & Answers

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

1. Lower part of the tree went to Shah.
2. Sultan got the milk.
3. Shah asked his brother about his share of money.
4. Shah beat the cow in the front portion.
5. Sultan now realised his mistakes.

Question 2: How the property was divided between Shah and Sultan?

Answer: Sultan said to Shah that he would be fair with him. He asked him to take the front portion of the cow as his share and he would the rear portion of the cow. He also said that each one would get his profit only from his share.

Similarly, the tree was also divided. The upper part of the tree went to Sultan and the lower part of the tree went to Shah.

Question 3: Why did Sultan not want to give the profit from cow to Shah?

Answer: Sultan did not want to give the profit from cow to Shah because he was cunning and greedy. When Shah asked Sultan about his share of money, he replied that he had taken milk from his portion of the cow so, he would not share money with him.

Question 4: How did saint help Shah?

Answer: When Shah was wandering in the forest, he met a saint. The saint asked the reason of his sadness. He told the whole story to the saint. Then the saint gave him some valuable tips that helped Shah to get his equal share.

Question 5: How Sultan realised his mistakes? Pick an incident from the story.

Answer: Sultan was on the top of the tree. He was fixing pots near the holes to get the sweet-smelling juice so that he could sell it in the market. At that time, Shah was cutting the lower part of the tree. Seeing this, Sultan shouted at him. However, Shah reminded him about the agreement and said that he could not stop him from doing this because he was doing it with his part. Sultan now realised his mistakes and he felt ashamed of his selfishness. He promised to look after Shah well thereafter and both the brothers started living together happily.

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