Never Be Greedy Questions & Answers

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Never Be Greedy Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False for the following statements:

1. The lion lived on the bank of a river – True
2. The lion had grown old – True
3. The person, who came to take a bath in the river did not get entrapped in the river – False
4. The lion gave the bracelet of gold to the person – False
5. The lion killed the man and ate him – True

Question 2: Who lived in a forest on the bank of a river?

Answer: A lion lived in a forest on the bank of a river.

Question 3: Why was the lion incapable to hunt?

Answer: Because of old-age, the lion had become weak and feeble. His teeth had fallen and his nails and claws had grown weak. He could not even run. So, he was incapable to hunt.

Question 4: What did the lion have?

Answer: The lion had a bracelet of gold.

Question 5: Why had the lion become weak and feeble?

Answer: The lion had become weak and feeble because of old-age.

Question 6: What did the lion use to say to the travellers who passed by the river?

Answer: To the travellers who passed by the river, the lion used to say to come near him and that he had a gold bracelet. He wanted to donate that bracelet to them as he had become a saint in old age. He used to say them to have faith in him.

Question 7: What happened to the person when he stepped into the river?

Answer: When the person stepped into the river, he got entrapped into the mire.

Question 8: Where did the person get entrapped?

Answer: The person got entrapped in a mire.

Question 9: What did the lion say to the person when he got entrapped?

Answer: When the person got entrapped, the lion said to him that he should not worry at all and he would come and take him out of the mire.

Question 10: What did the lion do to the person when he reached near him?

Answer: When the lion reached near the person, he killed him and ate him.

Question 11: Why should we never be greedy? Explain with the help of story.

Answer: We should never be greedy because greed can put the person in danger and can even become the cause of death. As in the story, we saw that the traveller became greedy, he wanted the gold bracelet from the lion and was finally killed.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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