Funny Trick of Abou Hassan Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Funny Trick of Abou Hassan Questions & Answers.

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Funny Trick of Abou Hassan Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. What was Abou Hassan’s habit that kept them poor?

a. he used to sell his belongings
b. he used to tell lie
c. he used to invite his friends frequently

2. There was nothing in the house to serve Abou Hassan because

a. he had not earned anything that day
b. he had spent all his money on his friends
c. he could not borrow money that day

3. Abou Hassan suggested the idea to pretend to be

a. dead
b. alive
c. ill

4. The messenger came to Abou Hassan’s house to confirm

a. who had died
b. they had received the gold coins or not
c. if both were alive

Question 2: Fill in the blanks:

1. Nothing can stop you from bringing in dozens and scores of your friends and entertaining them.
2. It’s foolish of us to expect anything in return.
3. Abou Hassan and Nuzhat rehearse their parts.
4. Two hundred pieces of gold and a beautiful brocade …. to end our poverty and starvation.
5. Abou makes his wife lie down and cover her with the brocade.

Question 3: Match the following:

Column AColumn B
1. Aboua. Baghdad
2. Caliphb. pleasant fun-loving
3. Zubeidac. Abou and his wife
4. Brocaded. Princess
5. Gamee. Nuzhat

Answer: 1-b, 2-e, 3-d, 4-c, 5-a

Question 4: State True or False:

1. Abou Hassan loved to entertain his friends with all his money – True
2. Princess Zubeida did not like Abou Hassan because he was a liar – False
3. Abou Hassan pretended to be dead just to get money from the Caliph – True
4. Abou Hassan was the Caliph’s favourite person – True
5. Nuzhat revealed the truth at last – False

Question 5: Why did Abou Hassan get angry with Nuzhat?

Answer: Abou Hassan got angry with Nuzhat because she prepared a poor breakfast.

Question 6: ‘It’s foolish of us to expect anything in return’, who said this, and why?

Answer: Abou Hassan said this to his wife Nuzhat as she was having no money and wishing asking Abou to call his friends for help.

Question 7: What trick did Abou Hassan play to get money from the Caliph?

Answer: Abou Hassan told Nuzhat to wear black clothes and tell princess that Abou had died because of high fever and after returning back, he will go to trick to get the money.

Question 8: Why did the Caliph and Zubeida send their messengers to confirm the truth? What was the truth?

Answer: The Caliph and Zubeida sent their messengers to find who had died Abou or Nuzhat. According to Caliph’s messenger, Nuzhat died first and according to maid, Abou Hassan died first.

Question 9: How did the trick benefit Abou Hassan at last?

Answer: Abou and Nuzhat revealed the truth that they are alive. They played drama because of poverty.

So, these were Funny Trick of Abou Hassan Questions & Answers.

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