Going To School Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Going To School Questions & Answers.

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Going To School Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Climb – to go up
  • Bridge – flyover
  • Fence – boundary

Question 1: Write True or False for the following sentences:

1. Vasu and Rita go to a village school – True
2. Vasu and Rita take the bus to school – False
3. They reach school late – False
4. They love their school – True

Question 2: Where do Vasu and Rita live?

Answer: Vasu and Rita live in a village.

Question 3: How do they go to school?

Answer: They go to school walking by crossing a bridge, fence and a hill.

Question 4: What does Janak Kaka do?

Answer: Janak Kaka rings the bell.

Question 5: What do children do in the classroom?

Answer: Children read, write, do sums and draw in the classroom.

Question 6: What do children do during lunch?

Answer: During lunch break, the children have their lunch. Then, they go to the playground to play.

Question 7: Do children love their school?

Answer: Yes, children love their school. They all have fun in the school.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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