Our New Friends Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Our New Friends Questions & Answers.

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Our New Friends Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option to complete the sentences:

1. Papa was making _______

(a) cutlets
(b) fruit chaat

2. Karan was in a hurry to ______________

(a) play with his friends
(b) reach school on time

3. As Karan and Karim were leaving, they saw __________

(a) a crow in the sky.
(b) a pigeon on steps.

4. Karan waited near the pigeon to keep away ________

(a) the birds
(b) his cat

Question 2: Fill in the blanks:

1. Karan and Karim played with their friends.
2. Karan and Karim were going to the park.
3. The bird hospital was near the Red Fort.
4. Karan and Karim took turns to look after the pigeon.
5. Karan and Karim loved the birds.

Question 3: What did Karan have for breakfast on Sunday?

Answer: On Sunday, Karan had some milk, fruit and two cutlets in breakfast.

Question 4: What did Karan and Karim see on the steps?

Answer: On the steps, Karan and Karim saw a pigeon who was hurt and could not even move.

Question 5: Why did Karim wait near the pigeon?

Answer: Karim waited near the pigeon to keep his cat away.

Question 6: Where did Papa, Karan and Karim take the pigeon?

Answer: Papa, Karan and Karim took the pigeon to the bird hospital near Red Fort.

Question 7: How did the doctor treat the pigeon?

Answer: The doctor washed the pigeon’s wounds and bandaged it.

Question 8: What did Karan and Karim name the pigeon?

Answer: Karan and Karim named the pigeon as ‘Dost’.

Question 9: Why didn’t Papa take the pigeon to Dr Lakra?

Answer: Papa didn’t take the pigeon to Dr Lakra because the doctor was for human beings and not for the birds.

Question 10: Why do you think the pigeon became Karan and Karim’s friend?

Answer: The pigeon became Karan and Karim’s friend because they took good care of it, saved its life and would feed it every day.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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