Going to The Fair Questions & Answers

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Going to The Fair Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the following sentences:

(a) Avery dreamed that the Ferris wheel had stopped and he was in the top car.
(b) Fern dreamed that she was on the swings.

Question 2: Draw up two lists: one showing how Fern planned to spend her money and the other showing that Avery wanted to do with the money he had.


Fern’s ListAvery’s List
a. Go on the swingsa. Ride the Ferris wheel
b. Win a dollb. Steer a jet plane
c. Buy a balloonc. Eat a frozen custard and a cheese burger
 d. Buy a balloon

Question 3: Read the lines and answer the questions:

‘You children be quiet till we get the animals unloaded’, said Mrs Arable.

(a) Who were the children that Mrs Arable was speaking to?

Answer: Mrs Arable was speaking to her kids Fern and Avery.

(b) Where were the Arables? Why were they there?

Answer: The Arables were in the fair. They were there to sell their farm animals.

(c) Why did Mrs Arable ask the children to be quiet?

Answer: When Arables were unloading the animals, the children started demanding money for having fun in the fair. However, Mrs Arable did not want to send the children on their own, so she asked the children to be quiet.

Question 4: Read the lines and answer the questions:

‘Watch out for pickpockets’, warned their father.

(a) Why did Mrs and Mr Arable give instructions to their children?

Answer: Mrs and Mr Arable gave instructions to their children because they were leaving their children for the first time on their own and they wanted them to be safe and responsible.

(b) List two other warnings that they gave to the children.

Answer: They warned their children to not eat a lot of stuff and to be careful of pickpockets.

(c) Which word in the extract means: ‘people who steal purses and wallets’.

Answer: ‘Pickpockets’.

Question 5: What were the sounds that Fern and Avery heard when they reached the fair?

Answer: When they reached the fair, they heard the wonderful music and bleating of sheep.

Question 6: How did the parents feel about the children going off on their own? How did the children feel about going off on their own?

Answer: The parents were worried but at the same time they felt proud and happy to see their children growing up.

The children were filled with excitement and danced off in the direction of fair.

So, these were Going to The Fair Questions & Answers.

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