The Royal Gift Questions & Answers

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The Royal Gift Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the right answer:

1. The emperor first saw the elephant

i. in his court.
ii. Just outside his court.
iii. in a boat on the river.

2. The people were excited because

i. the elephant was the favourite animal of the people of China.
ii. they had never seen an elephant before.
iii. the elephant looked like a hill.

3. When the young princess first told the emperor that she knew how to weigh the elephant

i. the emperor was angry because he thought the princess was Iying.
ii. the emperor was happy that his daughter knew the answer.
iii. the emperor thought that the princess could not know more than the mandarins.

4. This story tells us

i. how much an elephant weighs.
ii. that we must make bigger weighing scales.
iii. young people can also solve puzzles that grown-ups might find difficult.

Question 2: Read the lines and answer the questions:

What is that? I’ve never seen anything so big in all my life! It looks like a hill that has come to life and walked here!

(a) Who said these lines?

Answer: The king of China said these lines.

(b) What was the person talking about?

Answer: The person was talking about an elephant.

(c) What did everyone want to know when they saw it?

Answer: Everyone wanted to know the weight of the elephant.

Question 3: Why were the people in the story not able to use the scales to weigh the elephant?

Answer: The people in the story were not able to use the scales because they had no scales large enough to weigh an elephant.

Question 4: How can you tell from the story that people have not seen an elephant before?

Answer: People had not seen an elephant before because they were very surprised to see such an enormous creature.

Question 5: Why do you think the boat went deeper into the water when the elephant was in it?

Answer: The boat went deeper into the water because of the elephant’s weight.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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