Grandma’s Bananas Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Grandma’s Bananas Questions & Answers.

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Grandma’s Bananas Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Grandma lives in a __________.

(a) village
(b) town
(c) city

2. Aarti loves the _________ that grandmother grows on her farm.

(a) melons
(b) bananas
(c) mangoes

3. Grandma keeps the bananas in a big ________ basket.

(a) wooden
(b) straw
(c) leaf

4. Grandma sells the bananas and vegetables in the ________.

(a) town market
(b) city market
(c) village market

Question 2: Who said these words:

1. ‘Why are your bananas so sweet, Grandma?’ – Aarti
2. ‘It’s my magic, my little child.’ – Grandmother
3. ‘That is a magic basket, Aarti.’ – Grandmother
4. ‘They are magic leaves, Aarti. Now, go and play with your mum.’ – Grandmother
5. ‘I have put them in a secret place.’ – Grandmother

Question 3: What does Grandma do?

Answer: Grandma is a farmer. She grows rice, vegetables and fruits on her farm.

Question 4: Where does Aarti see the big straw basket?

Answer: Aarti sees the big straw basket in the yard.

Question 5: Where does Aarti find the basket two days later?

Answer: Two days later, Aarti found the basket in Grandma’s room.

Question 6: What does Aarti do when Grandma takes a bath?

Answer: When Grandma takes a bath, Aarti goes to Grandma’s room and takes a bunch of bananas.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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