Grandma’s Glasses Questions & Answers

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Grandma’s Glasses Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Nani always needs _________ help to find her glasses.

(a) Raju’s
(b) Amma’s
(c) Richa’s

2. Veena’s ________ had come to visit Nani that day.

(a) mother
(b) sister
(c) mother-in-law

3. Nani had written to the ________ about her pension.

(a) Governor
(b) Chief Minister
(c) President

4. Richa wants to save money to gift her Nani _________

(a) a saree
(b) a walking stick
(c) an extra pair of glasses

Question 2: Who helped Nani find her glasses every time?

Answer: Richa helped Nani find her glasses every time.

Question 3: Where did Nani usually keep her glasses?

Answer: Nani usually kept her glasses in the bathroom, on her bed, on her head, etc.

Question 4: Name the places that Richa looked for to find Nani’s glasses.

Answer: Richa looked in the bathroom, on Nani’s bed, inside her cupboard, on the puja shelf, under Nani’s favourite chair, and on the dining table to find Nani’s glasses.

Question 5: What had Nani done all day?

Answer: Nani wrote a letter to the Chief Minister about her pension, spoke to Richa’s Masi, finished knitting a sweater for Raju, and went for a short walk.

Question 6: What will Richa do for Nani’s next birthday?

Answer: For Nani’s next birthday, Richa will save money for an extra pair of glasses.

Question 7: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. This time, though, I cannot find Nani’s glasses. Not yet.

(a) Who is ‘I’?

Answer: ‘I’ refers to Richa.

(b) Why is the person looking for Nani’s glasses?

Answer: Richa is looking for Nani’s glasses because, this time, they cannot find them yet.

(c) Which words tell us that the person always finds Nani’s glasses?

Answer: The words “Without her glasses, she cannot find her glasses” suggest that the person always finds Nani’s glasses.

2. Amma said, ‘She spoke for a long time to your Masi. She finished knitting the sweater for Raju.’

(a) Who is Amma talking about?

Answer: Amma is talking about Nani.

(b) Who is Amma speaking to?

Answer: Amma is speaking to Richa.

(c) Who is Raju?

Answer: Raju is Richa’s brother.

(d) Why are they speaking about the person?

Answer: They are speaking about Nani because she has misplaced her glasses.

3. I now had many clues. I quickly looked around new places in the house. Aha! I have found the missing glasses!

(a) Why was the person looking for clues?

Answer: The person was looking for clues to find Nani’s glasses.

(b) Why did the person look in new places?

Answer: The person looked in new places to explore areas not checked before.

(c) Where did the person find the missing glasses?

Answer: The person found the missing glasses wrapped in wool, kept next to Nani’s pen, under the phone, on her desk.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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