GulliDanda Questions & Answers

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GulliDanda Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • supple – easy to bend
  • irksome – annoying
  • absorbing – engrossing
  • dak-bungalow – a resting place for government officials
  • undisputed – accepted
  • gusto – pleasure
  • dexterity – skill
  • preposterous – senseless
  • simpleton – fool
  • groom – here, a person employed to take care of horses
  • refresh – brush up, remember
  • oppressed – burdened
  • deceit – cunning
  • high-handed – tactless and inconsiderate

Question 1: Read and answer the question:
“Gaya could not match this weapon of mine.”

What weapon was it and why do you think Gaya couldn’t match it?

Answer: After the fight between Gaya and the author, the author started howling. Here, ‘howling’ is referred as the weapon. Gaya couldn’t match this weapon as he was frightened as he had hit the author with a Danda. So, he took to his heels.

Question 2: Where are they? Do you have any news of them? Who is asking the question, of whom and why?

Answer: The author is asking the question. He is asking about his old friends Matai, Mohan and Durga. The author wanted to play a match of GulliDanda with all of them.

Question 3: Why did the author leave his childhood home and go away?

Answer: The author had to leave his childhood home because his father was transferred to another place.

Question 4: “That was long ago, Sarkar. Please do not remind me of it.” Who does not want to be reminded of what and why?

Answer: Gaya did not want to be reminded of the incident when he had hit the author with the Danda. Gaya did not want to recall it because there was a great difference in their social status now. The author had returned as an engineer of the village and Gaya was just a groom to Deputy Sahib.

Question 5: “Gaya’s performance that day astounded me”. Why was the writer astounded?

Answer: The author was astounded because he saw Gaya playing the match of Gulli-Danda with his old friends with the same skill, which he possessed in his childhood. Gaya hadn’t exhibited this skill one day before when he played the match with the author.

So, these were GulliDanda Questions & Answers.

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