Gurajada The Legend Questions & Answers

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Gurajada The Legend Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Legendary – very well known
  • Immortal – living for ever
  • Revolutionary – causing a complete change
  • Harbinger – who fore shadows the future events
  • Scholar – a learned person
  • Disciple – a follower to learn something
  • Abundantly – plentifully
  • Idealize – to regard something as ideal
  • Rescued – saved from danger
  • Dialect – a particular form of language of a region
  • Significant – important
  • Vernacular – language of common people
  • Sublime – of great excellence
  • Lucid – clear

Question 1: Write True or False:

(a) Gurajada Apparao could not meet Tagore – False
(b) Gurajada started Sahitya Parishad and promoted the Traditional language – False
(c) Gidugu Ramamurthy and Gurjada were the principal members to introduce spoken dialects – True
(d) Gurajada and Tagore were the contemporaries – True
(e) Gurajada’s work for classical literature attracted Tagore – False

Question 2: Put the following sentences in the order of events.


…1…Gurjada was invited to attend the meeting of the Bangeeya Sahitya Parishad at Kolkata.
…4…Madras University honoured him with the title “Emeritus Fellow”.
…5…Rabindranath Tagore wrote a reply letter to Gurajada from Himalayas.
…2…Gurjada met Rabindranath Tagore to discuss the importance of vernacular language.
…3…Gurjada wrote an article on the experiences and impression of his meeting with Tagore.

Question 3: What works did Gurajada do to promote the spoken dialects?

Answer: To promote the spoken dialects, Gurajada introduced everyday used words, homely phrases and common place idioms, expressions most familiar to all ears from peasant to the priest, from prince to the poor. He kept his style of writing simple yet sublime in meaning.

Question 4: Why did Gurajada meet Rabindranath Tagore? Why was the meeting special?

Answer: Gurajada met Rabindranath Tagore to discuss the importance of vernacular languages. The meeting was special because that meeting made them good friends.

Question 5: Which work of Gurajada did Tagore find attractive?

Answer: Tagore found Kanyasulkam attractive.

Question 6: Mention the significance of the year 1911.

Answer: The year 1911 is significant in the history of modern Telugu literature as the movement for spoken dialect was started by Gidugu and Gurajada.

Question 7: Why did Viswakavi write a letter to Mahakavi?

Answer: Viswakavi wrote a letter to Mahakavi to express sorry as he could not meet Gurajada because he went to Himalayas to regain his spiritual equilibrium.

Question 8: Who translated Gurajada’s ‘DesaBhakti’ poems?

i. Gidugu Rama Murthy
ii. Tagore
iii. Sri Sri

Question 9: What did Syamendra Mohandas appeal to Gurajada?

i. To write some books in Bengali.
ii. To translate the works of Tagore and Bunkim.
iii. To introduce a suitable style in Bengali vernacular language.

So, these were Gurajada The Legend Questions & Answers.

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