The Tattered Blanket Questions & Answers

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The Tattered Blanket Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Futile – unsuccessful
  • Huddled – held arms and legs close because of fear or cold
  • Reluctantly – not willing to do something
  • Screwing up eyes – narrowing the eyes to look more carefully
  • On toes – busy, ready to work
  • Mumbling – speaking unclearly and quietly
  • Exasperatedly – very annoyed
  • Kesariyogam – well settled (in Malayalam)
  • Tattered – torn
  • Irritation – annoyance

Question 1: Why didn’t the mother recognize Gopi and how did he feel?

Answer: The mother didn’t recognize Gopi because she had lost her memory. The son didn’t get upset by this and took it in an easy manner.

Question 2: Why do you think Gopi didn’t get anything for his mother?

Answer: Gopi didn’t get anything for his mother because he had come home after a gap of five years just to take away his share of the family property. It was clear that he was not close to his family and had no love for his mother.

Question 3: The mother could not remember Gopi. Do you think Gopi remembered his mother? What does it suggest?

Answer: No, I don’t think Gopi remembered his mother. He came to see her after five years and that too with an intention of getting his share of property. It suggests that he was the man of money and had no love for his mother.

Question 4: What is meant by the expression ‘the tattered blanket’?

Answer: The expression “the tattered blanket” symbolizes the life of the Amma who has now become old and is in her last stage. Just like a tattered blanket meaning the torn blanket which is not useful, Amma is of no use for anyone. So, the expression ‘the tattered blanket’ symbolizes wounded soul.

Question 5: Why didn’t Gopi answer his sister’s question, ‘Do you remember your Amma?

Answer: Gopi didn’t answer his sister’s question because he knew what he had done to his mother. He did not come to see her for the past five years and didn’t even bother to write letters to her. Now also, he came to sell his share of the family property and not out of love and affection. He didn’t remember his mother and was only concerned about his status and money.

Question 6: Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate words given below. Remember, there are some extra words.

irritation, huddled, awkwardly, futile
vacation, reluctantly, exasperatedly, mumbling

1. All my attempts to make him happy proved futile.
2. It was very cold. So, I huddled in a corner.
3. Forced by her parents, Sita reluctantly took the diploma course.
4. What are you mumbling? I can’t hear you.
5. The news that he was denied promotion caused irritation to him.

Question 7: Choose the words that are similar in meaning to the underlined words.

1. His mother made a futile attempt to get up.

(a) barren
(b) limited
(c) useless
(d) empty

2. It’s all tattered now.

(a) spoiled
(b) old
(c) dirty
(d) torn

3. There is a cold mist in the mornings.

(a) ice
(b) snow
(c) fog
(d) win

4. It’s just like a ball of knotted yarn.

(a) very small
(b) rounded tightly
(c) joined
(d) tied.

5. I can’t make both ends meet with my salary.

(a) earn a lot of money
(b) spend a lot of money
(c) earn just enough money
(d) give all that one has

So, these were The Tattered Blanket Questions & Answers.

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