The Last Lesson Questions & Answers

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The Last Lesson Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Franz was embarrassed when he entered the class because

i. everyone would see that he was very late.
ii. he did not know the rule about participles.
iii. there were all kinds of people in the class.
iv. there were babies and elders in the class.

(b) M. Hamel wore his Sunday clothes for his last lesson because

i. several elders and former officials were present in class.
ii. he wanted to impress the Germans.
iii. those were the only clothes he had.
iv. He wanted to mark the special day as it was his last class.

(c) Franz wished he could recite the rule of participles correctly because

i. His teacher was very cranky.
ii. he did not want to be punished.
iii. he wanted to impress the teacher.
iv. He wished he had learnt it well.

(d) Franz and his classmates wanted to laugh and cry when Houser spelled the letters because

i. he was choked with emotions and could not recite properly.
ii. he was an old man but he was reciting letters with children.
iii. it was both funny and sad to see him in class reciting the letters.
iv. it was very strange to see an old man in class with the children.

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:

Oh, the wretches; that was what they had put up at the town hall!

(a) Who does the wretches refer to?

Answer: The Germans are referred as wretches here.

(b) What had they put up at the town hall?

Answer: They had put up an order at the town hall which came from Berlin to teach only German in the schools of Alsace and Lorraine.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

I was amazed to see how well I understood it.

(a) Why was Franz amazed?

Answer: Franz was amazed because he understood the grammar lessons easily and very well.

(b) Why did Franz understand it?

Answer: Franz understood it because he was listening the last lesson carefully and with concentration.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:

Will they make them sing in German, even the pigeons?

(a) Who is they?

Answer: They are ‘German authorities’ who pass the order to teach German language from next day.

(b) Why does Franz think this?

Answer: Franz thought this because German imposed their language on French as they were defeated by them. This shows the patriotic fervour and love of French people for their mother tongue. Even a small boy like Franz was very upset at the fact that he would be deprived of his own language. He wondered if the pigeons would also be made to sing in German. In fact, it is a remark on the hollowness of man’s authority. Man can exert authority only on human beings, but not on nature.

The Last Lesson Questions & Answers

Question 5: What bustle could normally be heard when school began?

Answer: Every day there was a sound of opening and closing of desks, lessons repeated in unison and teacher’s great ruler rapping on the table.

Question 6: In what way had the classroom changed in the forty years that M. Hamel had been teaching?

Answer: The villagers were sitting on the back benches to give him farewell. Everybody was serious and listening him more carefully to learn their native language. This way the classroom changed.

Question 7: Why were Franz and the old men of the village sorry? Were they sorry for the same reasons?

Answer: Franz and the old men of the village were sorry for not paying attention towards their native language. It was their last lesson in French. This made all the distinguished village elders feel guilty of ignoring their mother tongue. So, they all came to the class to show their love and respect for their mother tongue and French teacher M. Hamel. The entire school was filled with an air of sorrow and regret. There was a complete silence.

Question 8: I had counted on the commotion to get to my desk without being seen. What does count on something mean? Why was Franz counting on the commotion?

Answer: Count on something means noticed by someone. Franz was counted on the commotion because that day everything was as quite as Sunday morning.

Question 9: Houser had brought an old primer thumbed at the edges. What does thumbed at the edges mean? How does it make a book look?

Answer: Thumbed at the edges means Old Hauser was putting his thumb again and again on the letters as M. Hamel was reading.
Old Hauser had brought an old primer with him as he wanted to learn his native language that day. They never pay head towards it.

Question 10: What a thunderclap these words were to me? Why did the words sound like a crash of thunder to Franz? What word could you use instead of thunderclap here?

Answer: These words were like a crash of thunder (unexpected) to Franz as their native language French was going to ban and German language was imposed on them. we could use ‘unexpected and shocking’ words instead of it.

So, these were The Last Lesson Questions & Answers.

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