An Amazing Ancestor Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share An Amazing Ancestor Questions & Answers.

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An Amazing Ancestor Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) In the early days, the placement of QWERTY keys was decided upon because

i. it made typing easier.
ii. this way the most frequently used keys would not hit against each other.
iii. this format was made popular by Sholes and Glidden.
iv. it prevented one hand from being predominantly used while typing.

(b) According to Mark Twain, the typewriter

i. printed faster than he wrote
ii. was good for the planet since it saved paper
iii. did not create a mess or leave blots
iv. was good for his back since he could relax and work at it.

(c) A manual typewriter was noisy. The electric typewriter was no less noisy because

i. it made similar noises too.
ii. its keys are set close to each other.
iii. its keys also made noise.
iv. people did not use it properly.

(d) The main reason which led to improvements in typewriters was the

i. need for speed and automation.
ii. desire to reduce paper wastage.
iii. demand for more user-friendly and comfortable keyboards.
iv. global movement of converting the physical into the digital.

(e) Despite many technological advances, what has not changed is the

i. placement of the letters on the keyboard.
ii. need for electricity which continues even now.
iii. ideal environment for writing.
iv. putting of thoughts into words for another to read.

Question 2: In what way is the typewriter the ancestor of the personal computer?

Answer: The typewriter is the ancestor of the personal computer due to the similarity of the QWERTY layout across the top left of the typewriter. It was intended to prevent frequently struck keys from colliding.

Question 3: Why did Mark Twain think that the typewriter had several virtues?

Answer: Mark Twain thought that the typewriter had several virtues because it would print faster than he could write. One may lean back in his chair and work it. It piles many words on one page and does not scatter ink blots around. It also saves paper.

Question 4: How has the typewriter become a popular gadget today?

Answer: Typewriter became a popular gadget today because we can use it to type anything easily. It can be seen mostly in government offices. The modern keypads owe their smartness to the retro gadget. It is the typewriter which brought the newsroom its elegance and reverence it so deserved.

Question 5: Do you think that the QWERTY system of placement of letters is relevant today? Why?

Answer: The main reason we use QWERTY layout today is tradition. It is far from the most efficient layout. Its letter placement is mostly arbitrary or based on flawed premises (e. g the most commonly used letters should be scattered across the keyboard as widely as possible).

Question 6: The text tells us that the typewriter is the ancestor of the personal computer. Which other modern gadgets can be traced to earlier machines and centuries?

Answer: The other modern gadgets which can be traced to earlier machines and gadgets are:

1. Vending machines
2. Alarm clocks
3. Earthquake detector
4. Automatic doors
5. Batteries
6. Robots

So, these were An Amazing Ancestor Questions & Answers.

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