Letter To A Friend Questions & Answers

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Letter To A Friend Questions & Answers

Question 1: How did Suresh and Ramesh spend their time?

Answer: Suresh and Ramesh spent their childhood days very happily in Manikonda village. They played gilli-danda, hide and seek and kabaddi in their garden. They used to go for swimming in their local tank every Sunday. They relished sweets and fruits given by grandmother, cherished listening to the fairy tales told by grandfather. They worked together in school and participated in science fairs and picnics. They loved festivals as well and on the whole, their childhood is memorable.

Question 2: Why did Ramesh’s family move to the city?

Answer: Ramesh’s family moved to the city because both Ramesh and his wife got jobs in the city (Hyderabad). They got jobs in software companies.

Question 3: What change did you observe in Ramesh?

Answer: Along with his friend Suresh, Ramesh enjoyed his childhood days in Manikonda village. There were so many unforgettable, joyous occasions in their childhood. They leisurely spent their time enjoying the beauty of the nature. But now he is not happy in the city and is annoyed at his busy city life. Ramesh’s family members hardly get any time to sit together and work like machines. They have missed the joy of the family, their company and many things in the busy life.

Question 4: Do you think Ramesh is happy in the city? Why?

Answer: I don’t think Ramesh is happy in the city. He does not have time to do things according to his own choice. He is always busy doing one work or the other and is leading a mechanical life in the city.

Question 5: What made Ramesh write to Suresh?

Answer: As Ramesh had a meeting in his office, he couldn’t meet his friend Suresh during his visit to Hyderabad, the previous week. So, he wrote a letter to Suresh apologizing for not meeting him.

So, these were Letter To A Friend Questions & Answers.

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