How I Learned to Ride Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share How I Learned to Ride Questions & Answers.

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How I Learned to Ride Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write right or wrong.

(a) The boys had to study every day of the week – Wrong

Correct sentence: The boys had to study every day except Sundays.

(b) The youngest boy was not allowed to ride – Right

(c) The boy climbed on to his horse by himself – Wrong

Correct sentence: The boy climbed on to his horse with the help of the master.

(d) The boy’s horse was called Ruddy – Right

(e) The master watched the boy all the time – Wrong

Correct sentence: The master looked away for some time.

(f) The boy was afraid but did not show his feelings – Right

Question 2: What is the message of the story?

Answer: The story conveys the message that success comes only after failure. So, if one fails in doing something the first time, he shouldn’t get disheartened but try to do that even better the next time. That way one can achieve whatever one wishes to.

Question 3: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. He who does not once fall down from a horse will not learn to ride.

(a) Who says this and to whom?

Answer: The author’s father says this to him.

(b) What does he say before this?

Answer: His father tells him he can go learn to ride a horse but to not cry even if he falls off of it.

(c) What impact do his words have on listener?

Answer: The author very bravely sits on the horse and doesn’t call out even when he slides off the saddle. He is frightened but he doesn’t show it.

2. A child’s body is soft.

(a) Who says this?

Answer: The master says this.

(b) Why does he say it?

Answer: He says this because the author says he’s not hurt after falling off the horse.

(c) What does he mean?

Answer: He means to say that children often fall and seldom get hurt.

Question 4: Choose the correct option:

1. The father did not want his son to learn to ride because

(a) He thought he was too light.
(b) He wanted him to study.
(c) He was worried that he would fall off.

2. The boy was frightened in the riding-school because

(a) The horses were noisy.
(b) It was dark and unfamiliar.
(c) He could not see.

3. The boy fell off the horse because

(a) The saddle was broken.
(b) The master was not paying attention.
(c) The horse threw him off.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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