How To Change Windows Password

Hi Everyone!! Today, I am going to share the steps to Change Windows Password. In this article, I am going to use two methods: through the Windows 10 Settings app and on the login screen.

How To Change Windows Password

Through Windows 10 Settings App

Start your Windows. Now, click the Start button and click on the Gear icon present on the Start menu’s left edge. This will open the Settings app.

Then, click on Accounts and then click on Sign-in options from the left menu followed by the Password option on the right.

Follow the steps to verify your identity. Once you are verified, type in the current password and then the new password.

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On The Login Screen

This method begins once you fail to sign in with correct password. To start, type in the wrong password and hit Enter. A Reset Password option will come under the password entry field. Click on it.

Once you have clicked, answer the three security questions.

After answering the questions, click the arrow button to go to an option for entering a new password.

Now, type in the new password in the new password field and then confirm your password by clicking on the arrow button.

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