In Serengeti Questions & Answers

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In Serengeti Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Bogged down – stuck in the wet swampy mud
  • Hand in – give something to someone who has an important official position
  • Panic – become suddenly very frightened and not know what to do
  • Waterholes – small pools of collected water where animals drink in the dry season
  • Poachers – those who illegally capture or kill animals

Question 1: Complete these sentences:

(a) The narrator said that she was not worried about the safety of the helpers because they were sleeping in the lorry.
(b) She had to surrender her firearms in seronera because it was against the rules for visitors to keep them.
(c) The narrator saw six wild dogs that were trying to catch a hyena cub.
(d) The lions close to seronera were particularly friendly because they have been used to visitors since cubhood.
(e) Visitors can prevent the animals from panicking and running away if they do not talk too much or move.
(f) The poachers were most active during dry season because they knew exactly the place where the animals must pass to drink water when they were thirsty.

Question 2: What advice did the officer give the narrator about protecting herself from lions that might enter her tent at night?

Answer: The officer’s suggestion for protecting herself from lions that might enter her tent at night was to shoo them off.

Question 3: How did the narrator deal with the lioness that had entered her tent?

Answer: The narrator shouted at the lion and urged her to go away.

Question 4: Why did the wardens have to work so hard to control the poachers’ activities?

Answer: The wardens had to work so hard to control the poachers’ activities because the poachers came in dry season which was that time of the year when all the animals came to the waterholes and rivers that had not dried up for water and the poachers would find it easy to trap them.

Question 5: What were the tools or weapons commonly used by poachers?

Answer: The poachers planned to use weapons like poisoned arrows, metal traps and spears.

So, these were In Serengeti Questions & Answers.

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