In Times Of Adversity Questions & Answers

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On 26 November 2008, terrorist masterminds executed an attack on Mumbai. In a series of synchronized terror attacks at various places in Mumbai, nearly 173 people lost their lives and more than 308 were wounded. This chapter is actually a letter written by a young lady whose father was among the victims of this terror attack. Below are mentioned the questions and answers of In Times Of Adversity. I have also shared the Questions & Answers Of The Emergence Of A Zoo and Heaven Lake so, you can check these posts as well.

In Times Of Adversity Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where was the writer’s father when the terrorist attack took place? Who was with him?

Answer 1:  When the terrorist attack took place, the writer’s father was at the Indian restaurant on the first floor of the Oberoi Hotel. His two best friends were with him and they were having dinner together.

Question 2: How did the writer’s father save himself? What were the qualities that helped him protect himself?

Answer 2: The writer’s father ducked when the terrorists began to fire. One bullet grazed his neck and he fell on the floor. The others who got hit kept falling on him and when the terrorists pumped another series of bullets into the heap of bodies, he got hit by a bullet on the back of his hip. Somehow, he managed to hold on without any movement for ten minutes till the terrorists left and thus managed to save himself. The qualities that helped him to protect himself are – his presence of mind, patience, quick reflexes and bravery.   

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Question 3: What did the writer’s father and other survivors do to keep themselves alive till help arrived?

Answer 3: The writer’s father and the other four survivors communicated with each other by touch as they were afraid to make any sound. They waited in their lying position without any movement for more than twelve hours. The terrorists returned and filmed them thinking they were dead. Once they left, they moved to a large HVAC (Health, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) plant room that they discovered and took shelter there till help arrived. Till then, they survived on sips of dirty water from the air-conditioning unit.

Question 4: State the horror stories that unfolded during the terror attacks.

Answer 4: There were many stories of entire families being wiped while eating their dinner – of pregnant women being shot while pleading for their lives, of young kids losing both their parents and of hostages being beaten to death.

Question 5: What questions does the author ask?

Answer 5: The questions that the author asks are – How do we fight such hate? How do we convince those who think they kill in God’s name that no God would condone such barbarity? How do we inject humanity into such monstrosity? How do we maintain our own values and humanity when faced with such hate and provocation?

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In Times Of Adversity Questions & Answers

Question 6: What are the ideas behind every terror attack that the writer can recognize? Do you agree with the writer’s views? Justify your answer.

Answer 6: The author recognizes that there are hatred, anger, ruthlessness, cold-bloodiness and desperation of the terrorists behind every terror attack. He feels that these people who promote terrorism have no respect for any other way of life but their own beliefs which are twisted to suit their needs. In order to achieve these, they have declared war on every other way of life.

Yes, I feel that the author’s statement is right. Though, it is not just about the belief but the root cause of terrorism is the lack of any kind of wisdom and perspective. Though, lack of good education has got a lot to do with it, it is not a factor in itself. Other issues are narrow-mindedness and bling faith.

Question 7: The terrorists attacked people at every level. Explain this line in the context of the eventful day.

Answer 7: The terrorists did not spare anyone and did not discriminate. They killed everybody from middle-class workers at the railway station, the elite in the hotels, tourists, kids and they even killed the sick and the dying in the hospitals. They shot men, women, children, policemen, doctors and patients on the roads, in stations, at hotels and even inside apartments, in short everywhere. They also did not discriminate on the basis of nationality and shot Indians, Britishers, Americans and Israelis among others.

Question 8: Why does the writer want to thank the readers? How have the readers helped the writer?

Answer 8: The writer wants to thank the readers for their incredible concern and support that they have shown for Mumbai victims during the terror attack.

The readers helped the writer through their sympathy, concern and prayers for those who were under attack.

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