Industries In India Questions & Answers

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Industries In India Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) A person who acquires special skills and works in a specific occupation is called a ……………

i. farmer
ii. worker
iii. labourer
iv. industrialist

(b) The sugar industry is an example of a____________industry.

i. cotton
ii. small scale
iii. large scale
iv. sugar

(c) Large quantities of finished goods are made using_____________

i. huge amount of raw material
ii. small machines
iii. large machines
iv. raw material found nearby

(d) The process of converting raw material into finished goods is known as__________.

i. distributing
ii. manufacturing
iii. producing
iv. industry

Question 2: What is industry?

Answer: The word industry indicates to activities involved the production of goods and services for sale.

Question 3: Define small-scale industry.

Answer: Small-scale industry is the industry that employ few workers.

Question 4: Name any one large scale industry in Mumbai.

Answer: Shipping is one of the large-scale industries in Mumbai.

Question 5: List the products that are manufactured in a cottage industry.

Answer: Produce like silk and wool come under the cottage industry.

Question 6: From where do the malls receive their finished products?

Answer: Malls receive their finished products from the warehouse.

Question 7: Name any two places where automobile industries are located in India.

Answer: Mumbai and Pune

Question 8: Where are the silk industries located in India?

Answer: In India, the silk industries are located in Bengaluru, Varanasi and Kanchipuram.

Industries In India Questions & Answers

Question 9: Who is a worker?

Answer: A worker is a person who has acquired special skills and works at a specific occupation.

Question 10: What do you understand by manufacturing?

Answer: The process of converting raw materials into finished goods is known as manufacturing.

Question 11: How many types of industry are there? Name them.

Answer: There are mainly three types of industry:

  • Cottage industry
  • Small scale industry 
  • Large scale industry

Question 12: How are goods processed?


  • Raw materials are collected from various sources.
  • It is then sent to factories where it is used to manufacture finished goods.
  • The goods are then packaged and sent to the warehouses.
  • The goods are then transported to different parts of the country.

Question 13: Why are industries important?

Answer: Industries are important because it –
i. generates revenue.
ii. leads to progress in the field of technology.
iii. provides employment opportunities.

Question 14: Tea bushes are kept waist high in height. Give reason.

Answer: Tea leaves are handpicked and to make plucking task easier, tea bushes are kept waist high in height.

Question 15: Differentiate between Large-scale industries and Small-scale industries.


Large-scale industriesSmall-scale industries
i. These are the industries that employ thousands of people.i. These are the industries that employ few workers.
ii. These industries use large machines to produce large quantities of finished goods.ii. These industries use small machines
iii. Examples – automobile industry and iron & steel industry.iii. Examples – furniture industry and soap industry.

So, these were Industries In India Questions & Answers.

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