Journey Across the Arctic Questions & Answers

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Journey Across the Arctic Questions & Answers

Question 1: What difficulties did the author encounter during the first two days of the expedition?

Answer: During the first two days of the expedition, the sledge with all his supplies began to break, its runners came loose, and its Kevlar coating cracked and was worn by the sharp edges of new pack ice. The next morning, he couldn’t find snow to melt for fresh water and his attempts to repair the sledge failed.

Question 2: Which words in the passage means the same as the following?

(a) Not calm or relaxed – unsettled

(b) An organized journey with a particular purpose – expedition

Question 3: What does the author mean when he says, ‘I was torn’?

Answer: The author means that he was unable to decide between whether to call in a chopper from Siberia to fetch him and try again next year, or whether to order another sledge.

Question 4: What is the meaning of the idiom ‘a close call’?

Answer: The idiom ‘a close call’ means a situation in which something bad almost happens, but is avoided narrowly.

Question 5: Why did the delivery of the new sledge unsettle the author?

Answer: The delivery of the new sledge unsettled the author as the helicopter crew that delivered it represented home, and warmth.

Question 6: In what ways is the Arctic more forbidding than the Antarctic?

Answer: The Arctic is more forbidding than the Antarctic as one has to always walk on frozen seawater. There’s no land anywhere underneath. One has to take off the skies, and walk-through rough sections. It is like scrambling through bomb wreckage.

Question 7: How would you interpret the author’s observation about the decreased thickness of ice in the Arctic?

Answer: The decreased thickness of ice in the Arctic is due to global warming causing melting ice caps.

Question 8: Comment on the difference between the author’s tone in the first and the last lines of the excerpt.

Answer: The author sounds defeated in the beginning. But overcoming the hardships has its advantages, and he starts to enjoy the loneliness and feels one with nature. He feels confident by the end of the passage.

Question 9: The delivery of the new sledge gave the author an unsettled feeling because:

(a) the wrong sledge was delivered.
(b) the helicopter was a nuisance to his journey.
(c) the crew represented warmth and home.

Question 10: Match the following words with their meanings:

Column AColumn B
1. Excerpta. use a sharp or hard object to remove something from a surface.
2. Motivatedb. plan and direct the course of a ship, aircraft or other form of transport.
3. Brutalc. bring something for someone.
4. Scarped. enthusiastic and optimistic about doing or achieving something.
5. Improvisee. the remains of something that has been badly damaged or destroyed.
6. Fetchf. hostile and threatening.
7. Solitudeg. a small portion of a film, text, music, etc.
8. Navigateh. do or create something without preparation of from whatever is available.
9. Forbiddingi. the state or situation of being alone.
10. Wreckagej. very harsh, unpleasant; violent
Answer: 1-g, 2-d, 3-j, 4-a, 5-h, 6-c, 7-i, 8-b, 9-f, 10-e

So, these were Journey Across the Arctic Questions & Answers.

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