Kailash Satyarthi – The Turning Point Questions & Answers

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Kailash Satyarthi – The Turning Point Questions & Answers

  • Sullen – bad-tempered
  • Angst – feeling of deep anxiety
  • Mustered – summoned up
  • Throwaway – cheap
  • Inconsolably – not able to be comforted
  • Sustainable – able to be maintained

Question 1: Which incident first made Kailash wonder about injustice in the world?

Answer: The first incident that made Kailash wonder about injustice in the world was when he saw a small boy working with his cobbler father shining shoes at the school gate on the first day of school.

Question 2: What was the Headmaster’s response to Kailash’s query?

Answer: The Headmaster explained to him that it was absolutely normal for the children of the poor to work in order to survive. He said that the cobbler was poor and unable to send his son to school.

Question 3: What was the cobbler’s initial reaction to Kailash’s question? How did he respond?

Answer: The cobbler was withdrawn and hesitant. He replied in a frail voice, ‘Babuji, no one has ever asked me a question like this. My father worked as a cobbler and my son is also a cobbler. There is nothing new in it. We are born to work.’

Question 4: Why did the cobbler beat up his son? Was he justified in doing so?

Answer: The cobbler beated his son because he had gone for lunch and had asked his son to cover the shoes with a plastic sheer, if it rains. The boy draped himself in the plastic sheet instead of protecting the shoes. The other people shoes were completely drenched. The leather will spoil soon. His customers will ask him to pay back and he was much worried as he barely make ends meet. No, he was not justified in doing so.

Question 5: What were the two things that the young Kailash and his friends did to help raise money for the school fees of underprivileged children?

Answer: The two things that Kailash and his friends did were they started a football club. The membership fees thus collected was donated to support the school fees of such children. The next thing they did was they put up snack stalls at fetes and fairs.

Kailash Satyarthi – The Turning Point Questions & Answers

Question 6: How did Kailash and his friend ensure that people in their neighbourhood donated old textbooks?

Answer: Kailash and his friend hired a pushcart and went through the narrow lanes and started yelling at the top of their voice congratulating the students for passing examinations. This grabbed the attention of the crowd. Then they said, ‘you all are so lucky that your children have been promoted to next class but just think of the parents who are unable to send their children to school as they cannot afford to buy books. So just give your book to them and think how grateful they would be to you.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:
One day, he saw the cobbler beating his son. The boy was crying inconsolably?

(a) Who saw this scene?

Answer: Kailash saw this scene.

(b) Why was the son beaten?

Answer: The son was beaten because instead of protecting the shoes from getting wet he drape himself with the plastic sheet.

(c) What did the person do on seeing this?

Answer: The person gave his favourite colourful umbrella to the boy.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:
He went to his classroom and asked his teacher about the small boy outside the school gate.

(a) Who is ‘he’ in these lines?

Answer: Kailash is ‘he’ in these lines.

(b) Who was the small boy outside?

Answer: The small boy was cobbler’s son.

(c) What did he want to know?

Answer: He wanted to know why is he working and not coming to school like him.

(d) What was the teacher’s response?

Answer: The teacher asked him to be attentive in the class rather than thinking about what was happening outside.

Question 9: Read and answer the questions:
‘Think how grateful they and their parents would be to you for the rest of their lives.’

(a) Who says this and to whom?

Answer: Kailash said these to the people of his locality.

(b) Whom does the speaker refer to as ‘they’?

Answer: By ‘they’ the speaker refers to the poor children.

(c) Why should ‘they’ be grateful?

Answer: They would be grateful because they are unable to send their children to school because they cannot buy books.

So, these were Kailash Satyarthi – The Turning Point Questions & Answers.

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