La Tomatina Questions & Answers

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La Tomatina Questions & Answers

Question 1: What happens during the tomato fight?

Answer: During the tomato fight, people throw tomatoes on each other.

Question 2: What are the rules of the tomato fight?

Answer: The rules of the tomato fight are:

  • Tomatoes need to be squashed before throwing so people don’t get hurt.
  • No other vegetable except tomato is allowed.
  • Participants have to make way for trucks and other vehicles.
  • After the second horn is blown, which indicates the end of the festival, no more tomatoes should be thrown.

Question 3: How is the town cleaned up after the fight?

Answer: After the fight, firefighters hose down the town while the locals generously offer the participants their houses for cleaning themselves.

Question 4: What activities are held during the week of festivities?

Answer: During the week of festivities, the activities held are – huge parades, fireworks and famous paella-cooking contests.

Question 5: How did the La Tomatina festival start?

Answer: It is largely believed that in August 1945, a street fight broke out in Bunol. One of the participants started throwing vegetables from a nearby stall. This led to everyone doing the same and a furious vegetable battle followed. Next year, the same group of young people picked a quarrel on purpose and brought their own tomatoes this time. That is how, the La Tomatina festival started.

Question 6: With what stipulation was the tomato fight restarted?

Answer: The tomato fight restarted with the stipulation that the tomato throwing could only begin with the sound of a horn and would end when the horn sounded again.

Question 7: What did Spain tourism ministry name this festival and why?

Answer: Spain tourism ministry named this festival as the ‘Festivity of International Tourist Interest’ in 2002. This is because of the festival’s spectacular success.

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