Laura Questions & Answers

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Laura Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Endure – suffer
  • Gasped – said something while catching one’s breath
  • Elegant – graceful and stylish in appearance or manner
  • Petty – unduly concerned with trivial matters
  • Harried – harassed
  • Vindictive – revengeful
  • Dangling – swinging loosely
  • Insanity – madness
  • Remote – distant
  • Superintend – oversee

Question 1: Read and answer the question:
‘Circumstances never warrant that sort of a thing.’

(a) Who said this?

Answer: Amanda said this.

(b) What made the speaker ask this question?

Answer: The speaker asked this question when Laura said that she would be reincarnated into a lower organism.

(c) What did the listener say?

Answer: The listener said that Egbert is a circumstance that would warrant any amount of that sort of thing.

Question 2: What did Laura think happened to a person who hadn’t been good in life one has just lived?

Answer: Laura thought that a person who hadn’t been good in life one has just lived, one reincarnates in some lower organism.

Question 3: What did Egbert do to trigger one of Laura’s petty vindictive revenges?

Answer: Egbert made a thin peevish kind of fuss, for instance, when Laura took the coolie puppies from the farm out for a run the other day triggered Laura’s petty vindictive revenges.

Question 4: What did Laura wish to become after having lived as a ‘good otter’?

Answer: Laura wished to get back into human shape of some sort probably something rather primitive – a little brown, unclothed Nubian boy after having lived as a ‘good otter’.

Laura Questions & Answers

Question 5: What did Laura and Amanda think about an otter’s life respectively?

Answer: According to Laura otter is a nice animal, something elegant and lively, with a love of fun whereas according to Amanda otter leads a rather enjoyable life salmon to eat all the year round, and the satisfaction of being able to fetch the trout in their own homes without having to wait for hours till they condescend to rise to the fly they have been dangling before them and an elegant svelte figure.

Question 6: Why was Egbert wearing an air of bereavement after Laura’s demise?

Answer: Egbert was wearing an air of bereavement after Laura’s demise because his four speckled Sussex have been killed.

Question 7: Read and answer the question:
‘You think she really might have passed into some animal form?’

(a) Who said this to whom?

Answer: Amanda said this to Sir Lulworth.

(b) What made the speaker ask this question?

Answer: The speaker asked this question when Sir Lulworth told that Laura was such an unaccountable person in this life that he should not like to lay down definite rules as to what she might be doing in an after state.

(c) What does asking such a question tell us about the speaker?

Answer: It tells us that the speaker is a very emotional person.

Question 8: What did the otter do on the day of the funeral ceremony?

Answer: The otter on the funeral day killed four speckled Sussex that were to go to the show on Friday. One of them was dragged and eaten right in the middle of that new carnation bed that he made after much trouble and expense. His best flower bed and his best fowls singled out for destruction, it almost seems as if the brute has special knowledge how to be as devastating as possible in a short space of time.

Question 9: Which episode weakened Amanda’s opposition to Egbert’s idea of killing the otter?

Answer: During the church time on the following Sunday, the otter made its way into the house, raided half a salmon from the larder and worried it into scaly fragments on the Persian rugs in Egbert’s studio weakened Amanda’s opposition to Egbert’s idea of killing the otter.

Question 10: Why did the Egbert take Amanda to the Nile Valley? What was it effect?

Answer: Egbert took Amanda to the Nile Valley to recuperate. Change of scene speedily brought about the desired recovery of health and mental balance.

So, these were Laura Questions & Answers.

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