Learning to be a Lady Questions & Answers

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Learning to be a Lady Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read the line and answer the questions:

1. Eliza: (longingly) A cappatea.

a. What was Eliza trying to say?

Answer: Eliza was trying to say ‘A cup of tea’.

b. What was she longing for?

Answer: She was longing for a cup of tea which was in the Higgins hand.

2. Pickering: Oh, yes, that’s a charming one.

a. What was a charming one?

Answer: The Poem ‘The Owl and the Pussy Cat’ was the charming one.

b. Why did Pickering make the suggestion?

Answer: Pickering made the suggestion because he thought that the poem was too difficult for Eliza to learn.  

3. “l swallowed one.”

a. Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: Eliza said these words to Professor Higgins.

b. What had been swallowed?

Answer: A marble had been swallowed by Eliza.

c. How did the listener respond?

Answer: Higgins responded by putting another one in her mouth.

4. “I have plenty more.”

a. Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: Professor Higgins spoke these words to Eliza Doolittle.

b. What did he have more of?

Answer: He had more marbles to put them in Eliza’s mouth.

c. Why did they need more of this thing?

Answer: They needed more marbles because Eliza had just swallowed one.

Question 2: What was Higgins trying to teach Eliza?

Answer: Professor Higgins was trying to teach Eliza how to speak English with a proper accent.

Question 3: Why did Higgins place a burner in front of Eliza? What did she have to practise?

Answer: Higgins placed a burner in front of Eliza because Higgins knew that if the ‘H’ sound is pronounced in front of a candle, the flame will flicker. Eliza never produced the ‘H’ sound, so Higgins made her practise words that began with ‘H’ while sitting in front of a candle.

Learning to be a Lady Questions & Answers

Question 4: What perplexed Pickering in Scene 1?

Answer: When Higgins asked Eliza to repeat the word ‘Rain in Spain…..’ fifty times to impress the Lord, Pickering was perplexed and warned Higgins not to say like that. He also asked him to control himself and give a chance to Eliza to learn the things properly.

Question 5: Why did Pickering ask Higgins to be reasonable in Scene 5?

Answer: Pickering asked Higgins to be reasonable because it was early morning and Eliza was lying tiredly but Higgins was forcing her to repeat the same words again and again. Pickering was really feeling bad for Eliza.

Question 6: Did Eliza succeed in the end? What was the reaction of the others?

Answer: Eliza finally succeeded in the end. The others were very happy and excited. Professor Higgins felt proud of his success.

Question 7: Describe Higgins and Eliza.

Answer: Higgins was a professor. He was a linguist, skilled in many languages. He was hard working and persistent. But on the other hand, he was also very insensitive.

Eliza was a poor flower girl. Her English has a peculiar accent. She was an obedient student of her master Higgins. In spite of the rudeness of her master. She remained cool throughout the hard training and become perfect in the task given to her.

Question 8: What exercises did Higgins do with Eliza? List them in your notebook and then number them in the order in which they occurred in the extract?

Answer: Higgins did these exercises with Eliza, in this order:

(i) He asked Eliza to repeat ‘The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain’ fifty times before getting into bed, every night.
(ii) He placed a burner in front of Eliza and asked her to practice words that began with sound ‘H’.
(iii) He asked Eliza to repeat ‘A cup of tea’ again and again.
(iv) He put marble in the mouth of Eliza and asked her to read that was written on a paper which he gave her.
(v) He did not let her sleep and made her to speak and repeat ‘the rain…..plain’ till she spoke in the perfect manner.

Question 9: What kind of person was Higgins? Give two instances from the play to support your answer.

Answer: Higgins was hard working and relentless person. He stayed up late to teach Eliza. He continued teaching even when he had a bad headache. He did not give up although Eliza kept on making the same mistakes. He was also inconsiderate and insensitive. He did not care that Eliza was sleepy or tired and also did not offer her anything to eat when she felt hungry.

Question 10: What do you think Eliza speak English correctly at the end?

Answer: When Higgins delivered her a lecture about the importance of English language that it is the greatest possession of a lady and Eliza can become the queen of many hearts by learning the extraordinary, imaginative and musical mixtures of sounds in English. These enthusiastic words had a magical effect on Eliza and she began to speak English correctly at the end.

Question 11: Why do you think the extracts is titled ‘learning to be a lady’?

Answer: The extract is entitled as “learning to be a lady” in order to gain respect of others and to improve her overall status. An ordinary girl gained confidence in her own abilities and transformed into a beautiful lady by learning correct pronunciation of English language.

So, these were Learning to be a Lady Questions & Answers.

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