Getting Ready for Adventures Questions & Answers

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Getting Ready for Adventures Questions & Answers

Question 1: How did Mr Quixote attain his so-called knighthood? Copy this flowchart in your notebook and fill in the sequence of events in brief.


  • Don Quixote put on his armour and helmet, saddled his horse and took off on his adventurous journey.
  • He came across a castle, which was actually an inn, where the innkeeper humoured him and gave him food.
  • He realized that he was not a knight and requested the innkeeper to bestow him with the honour.
  • Don Quixote, while guarding his armour at night, got into a fight with one of the guests.
  • The innkeeper rescued him and knighted him as Don Quixote de la Mancha.

Question 2: Read the line and answer the questions:

1. “Senor Castellano, anything is enough for me. No bed is so sweet to me as the field of battle.”

a. Who said these words? Who Senor Castellano?

Answer: Don Quixote said these words to the innkeeper Senor Castellano.

b. The speaker’s words were in response to what statement by Senor Castellano?

Answer: It was in response to the innkeeper’s offer of any accommodation that Don Quixote might like apart from a bed.

c. Why did the speaker believe that nothing was as sweet as the field of battle?

Answer: The speaker believed that he was a knight who was destined to die fighting in a battle.

2. “Allow me to watch my armour in the chapel of your castle tonight……”

a. What was actually the castle?

Answer: The castle was actually an inn.

b. Where did the speaker eventually watch his armour?

Answer: Don Quixote eventually watched his armour in a horse trough by the well located in the courtyard of an inn.

c. What did he wish to happen the next morning?

Answer: He wished to be bestowed on him, the honour of knighthood, the next morning.

3. Nothing can please me better.” answered Don Quixote.

a. Whom did Don Quixote speak to?

Answer: Don Quixote spoke to the innkeeper.

b. What was Don Quixote offered?

Answer: The innkeeper offered Don Quixote the honour of knighthood.

c. Briefly describe what happened after this.

Answer: The innkeeper organized a small ceremony with the inn’s guests and servants as witnesses in which he knighted Don Quixote.

Getting Ready for Adventures Questions & Answers

Question 3: Describe Mr Quixote.

Answer: Don Quixote was an eccentric gentleman who fancied himself as a knight. He loved reading stories about knights, chivalry, princess, magician enchanted castles etc. He was so impressed by the fantasies that he slowly started to lose touch with reality and began to believe that he was one of these fiction heroes.

Question 4: Why did Mr Quixote ride towards the inn? What did he think it was?

Answer: Mr. Quixote ride towards the inn to have an adventure. He thought that the inn was a great castle with four towers and a deep ditch and a lift bridge.

Question 5: Mr Quixote pulled off his armour but not his helmet. Why?

Answer: The helmet had been tied fast with the green ribbons and it could not be taken off without cutting them. So, he pulled off his armour but not his helmet.

Question 6: What was the final thing that Mr Quixote thought he needed before he could lawfully seek adventures?

Answer: The final thing that Mr. Quixote thought he needed before he could lawfully seek adventure was to be knighted by the ritual touching of the shoulder with a sword.

Question 7: What advice did the innkeeper give Mr Quixote? What does this tell us about the innkeeper?

Answer: The innkeeper advised him that as soon as he had been made a knight, he should ride homewards and provide himself with necessary articles like money and a clean shirt.

This tells us that innkeeper was a generous and kindhearted person who understood the mental state of Don Quixote and helped him to come out of the illusionary perceptions.

Question 8: Describe the ceremony in which Mr Quixote was knighted.

Answer: The innkeeper called the guests present in the inn to see the ceremony. He prevented to read something from the book. Mr. Quixote knelt down in the dust of the barnyard. Innkeeper uttered some words and gave him a blow on the neck with his hand and slapped him on the back with the sword. Then he told Quixote that now he is a true knight and should arose to do brave deeds.

Question 9: What was Mr Quixote’s idea of a knight?

Answer: Mr. Quixote thought that the knights are the brave persons always with a noble horse and are very daring. According to him, knights show their courage and daring deeds in battlefields.

Question 10: Why do you think Mr Quixote could no longer differentiate between the real world and the imagined world?

Answer: Mr. Quixote could no longer differentiate between the real world and the imagined world because he started considering himself knight, a real hero of fantasy world. In fact, he was so impressed by the fantasies that he lost his connection with reality.

So, these were Getting Ready for Adventures Questions & Answers.

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