Set Our Children Free Questions & Answers

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Set Our Children Free Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. In his speech, the speaker suggests that if we walk together, we can_________

a. speak together.
b. speak from the podium of peace.
c. ensure slavery.
d. ensure global progress.

2. When the speaker refers to ‘our children’, he is referring to the children of___________

a. India.
b. the world.
c. Pakistan.
d. Sudan.

3. ______said, “If we are to teach real peace in this world……. we shall have to begin with children.”

a. Kailash Satyarthi
b. Mahatma Gandhi
c. Nelson Mandela
d. Malala Yousafzai

4. The speaker wishes to make all children learn the values of

a. deliberation.
b. extremism.
c. tolerance and compassion.
d. international jaw.

Question 2: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. “Is the world so poor that it cannot give me a toy and a book, instead of forcing me to take a gun or a tool?”

a. Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: A small skinny child labourer in the foothills of Himalayas, said this to the author, Kailash Satyarthi.

b. Why did the speaker want a book?

Answer: The boy wanted a book because he wanted to gain knowledge and be educated.

c. Where was the speaker when he said these words?

Answer: He was working in the foothills of Himalayas.

2. “Whose children are they who stitch footballs, yet have never played with one? Whose children are they who harvest cocoa, yet have never tasted chocolate?”

a. Who is the speaker and whom is he addressing?

Answer: The speaker is Kailash Satyarthi, an Indian child rights activist. He is addressing a gathering at a function in Norway. He addresses to the royal majesties, his daughter Malala, Tom Harkin and to all his sisters and brothers in generate.

b. What point is the speaker trying to make?

Answer: He is trying to explain that these children who are suffering are to be considered as ‘our children’ and the world should unite to show compassion towards them.

c. What are the speaker’s feelings as he says these words?

Answer: He is full of compassion for such children. He is also agitated at the inaction of people to rescue these children with a sense of urgency.

Question 3: What experience did Kailash Satyarthi have twenty years ago in the foothills of the Himalayas?

Answer: Twenty years ago, in the foothills of the Himalayas, he met a small, skinny child labourer who asked him whether the world was so poor that it could not give him a toy or a book instead of forcing him to take a gun or a tool. This stirred him and he felt that the greatest violence was to deny the children their dreams.

Set Our Children Free Questions & Answers

Question 4: What do the courageous people who work for the underprivileged children refuse to accept?

Answer: The courageous people who work for the underprivileged children refuse to accept that all mosques, churches and prayer houses have no place for the dreams of our children. They also refuse to accept that the world is so poor that its children remain uneducated. They also cannot accept that laws and other departments are unable to protect the children of our country. They also cannot accept that the chains of slavery can be stronger than the search to freedom.

Question 5: What is Kailash Satyarthi’s aim in life?

Answer: Kailash Satyarthi’s aim in life is to give every child the freedom to grow and develop, to eat, sleep and see daylight, to laugh and cry, to play, and learn, to go to school and even to dream.

Question 6: What difference have young girls like Malala, Kayanat and Shazia made?

Answer: Malala, Kayanat and Shazia are striving against intolerance. They have reason up and chosen peace, over violence, tolerance over extremism and courage over fear. They are courageous people who have not given up and have made progress in achieving their aims.

Question 7: What does Kailash Satyarthi think we have failed to impart to our children?

Answer: Kailash Satyarthi thinks that we have failed to impart education to our children. It is the education that gives the meaning and objective of life. This education gives a sense of global citizenship among the youth. So, it is global compassion which is needed to bring every child to the classroom and this would restore rights, security and hope to children.

Question 8: Why does Kailash Satyarthi say that ‘intolerance’ is the biggest crisis knocking at our doors?

Answer: He feels intolerance is the greatest challenge because it leads to violence slavery, trafficking, illiteracy, child labour and so, passivity and pessimism start surrounding our children. It leads to exploitation and this march from exploitation to education, slavery to liberty and ignorance to awaking is a challenging task.

Question 9: Why does Kailash Satyarthi say that he cannot deliver a lecture?

Answer: Kailash Satyarthi says he cannot deliver a lecture because he was representing the sound of silence, the cry of innocence and the face of invisibility. He was going to represent the children whose dreams were shattered and their hearts cried and they suffered silently.

Question 10: ‘The sound of silence. The face of invisibility.’ How can silence have sound? How can invisibility have a face? Discuss.

Answer: The ‘silence’ is the sound of silent cries of innocent children who have been denied their dreams. The face of invisibility is the face of those children who have injured souls and hopeless future, who have been left behind in lives.

Question 11: What do we learn from the example of the bird carrying a drop of water to extinguish a huge fire?

Answer: We learn from the bird that we should have the courage to do our bit of sacrifice for protecting the freedom and dignity of children. If every person in this world will contribute economically, physically or emotionally it would make a difference. We would soon see the results of these efforts and our combined efforts will see the victory of peace over violence and tolerance over extremism.

So, these were Set Our Children Free Questions & Answers.

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