Meeting Miss Trotwood Questions & Answers

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Meeting Miss Trotwood Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False:

(a) David had had a comfortable journey on the way to his aunt’s house – False
(b) David was neatly dressed when he introduced himself to his aunt – False
(c) David’s aunt had never seen David before – False
(d) David’s aunt recognized him the moment she saw him at the gate – False
(e) David has had an unhappy life up to the time he came to his aunt’s house – True
(f) David did not want to live with the Murdstones ever again – True
(g) David’s aunt was happy to be David’s guardian – True
(h) At Canterbury, David’s aunt drove away without looking up because she was glad that David away at school – False

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:

‘Oh, Lord!’ said my aunt and sat flat down in the garden path.

(a) Where was David?

Answer: David was standing beside his aunt in a corner of the garden.

(b) What was the name of David’s aunt?

Answer: David’s aunt name was Miss Betsey Trotwood.

(c) Why did David’s aunt sit flat down in the garden path?

Answer: David’s aunt sat flat down in the garden path as she was shocked to see her nephew (David) in such a bad condition after travelling from such a faraway place. She was quite shocked at what David told her.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

The school I now went to was better in every way than Salem House.

(a) Which school was better than Salem House?

Answer: The School at Canterbury was better in every way than Salem House.

(b) Who sent David to the better school?

Answer: David’s aunt sent him to the better school.

(c) Where did David board while he was at the better school?

Answer: David boarded with his aunt’s old lawyer, Mr. Wickfield.

Question 4: What were the first things that David’s aunt made him do?

Answer: The first things that David’s aunt did was to give him a lot of strange tasting tonics and the heated a bath for him. She also gave him the shirt and trousers belonging to Mr. Dick and covered him with two large, warm shawls and led him to a soft and comfortable sofa where David fell asleep.

Question 5: The villians of a story is a character who tries to harm the main character. Name two villians in this story. Give reasons stating why you think they are villians.

Answer: The two villians in this story are Mr. Murdstone and his sister who lived with him because they ill treated David and did not allow him to go to school. Instead, they made him go to work at a nearby factory. Also, when they were called by Miss Betsey, instead of being apologetic of their deeds, they said if David would deny coming back with them, their doors will be permanently shut for him.

Question 6: How did David feel when he first went to school at Canterbury? How did he feel after two weeks had passed?

Answer: David felt strange at first because he had not been to school for a long time. He felt like he had forgotten everything he had learnt in the past. He found it hard to mix with other children. However, as time passed, he began to feel better. After two weeks had passed, he felt comfortable and happy with his new companions.

Question 7: What kind of person was David’s aunt? Give examples from the story to support your opinion.

Answer: David’s aunt was very kind-hearted, caring and loving. She was truly concerned for David’s well-being. There are many examples from the story to support the opinion. For instance, as soon as she knew the strange, untidy boy was David, she gave him tonics, prepared warm bath for him and gave him warm shawl and clothes to put on. She also made sure he was sent to a good school when she accepted to become his guardian when his unkind step-father denied his responsibility.

So, these were Meeting Miss Trotwood Questions & Answers.

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