Mr Mocking-Bird and His Prize Song Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Mr Mocking-Bird and His Prize Song Questions & Answers.

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Mr Mocking-Bird and His Prize Song Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the following sentences.

1. The baby squirrel was annoyed at Mr Mocking-bird because the latter had mocked Baby Squirrel’s song.

2. The singing competition of the birds was held because there were rivalries in the forest about who was the best singer. The competition, it was thought, would settle the matter for once and for all.

3. Mr Mocking-bird won the competition because it could repeat each bird’s song accurately since many generations ago, and therefore remembered every bird’s song better than they themselves remembered it.

Question 2: Why did woodchuck first think that the baby squirrel wanted his food?

Answer: The woodchuck considered squirrels noisy and frivolous, and could not imagine they had any better business than going about looking for food. That is why he thought the baby squirrel had come looking for food.

Question 3: Was Mr Mocking-bird truly making fun of the baby squirrel?

Answer: Mr Mockingbird’s art was to repeat every animal’s sound till he had perfected it. So, when he was repeating Baby Squirrel’s sounds, he was not mocking him.

Question 4: What was the consequence of Mr Mocking-bird’s ability to repeat every song?

Answer: Because Mr Mockingbird could repeat every song to perfection, he remembered the songs of all birds even from long, long ago, and could sing them better than their present generation exponents.

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