My Early Days With The Chimpanzees Questions & Answers

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My Early Days With The Chimpanzees Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why did jane observe the chimpanzees from far initially?

Answer: Initially, Jane observed the chimpanzees from far because she knew they would run away if she went closer.

Question 2: How were the chimpanzees different from the baboons?

Answer: The chimpanzees wandered in small groups of six or less unlike the baboons, who roamed around in big troops.

Question 3: What did Jane learn about chimpanzees’ food habits?

Answer: Jane discovered that chimpanzees mostly ate fruits. They also consumed many kinds of leaves, blossoms, stems and seeds. She later found out that they also ate insects and meat.

Question 4: Why do you think Jane says that ‘The Peak’ began to feel like home?

Answer: The peak began to feel like home to Jane because she started spending all her time on it. She ended up carrying a little tin trunk up there in which she stored a kettle, some sugar and coffee, a tin mug and a blanket. She also slept there sometimes.

Question 5: Why do you think that author says “July 16, 1960 was a day I shall remember all my life”?

Answer: July 16, 1960, was a big day for Jane because it was the day, she entered Gombe National Park. It was here that she started her ground-breaking and life-long research on chimpanzees.

Question 6: How did Jane’s mother help Jane?

Answer: Jane’s mother set up a clinic to help locals. One of the persons she helped cure was a very ill old man. Words of his cure spread far and wide. Due to this, the locals realized that Jane and her mother only wanted to help. This helped Jane and proved to be very good for her.

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