My Family Questions & Answers

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My Family Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Blessed – favoured/endowed

Question 1: Write True or False for the following sentences:

1. The poet feels that he has a special family – True
2. The poet’s family never had fun or laughed together – False
3. The poet’s family does not love him – False
4. The poet feels that his family is the best – True

Question 2: Does the poet’s family support him when he is in trouble or when he has made a mistake? How?

Answer: Yes, the poet’s family support him by picking him up, drying his tears and pointing him to the sun.

Question 3: How does a person benefit by having a special family according to the poet, as stated in the third stanza?

Answer: A family always laughs with us whenever we laugh, loves us and always wants us to be happy.

Question 4: Do you agree with the poet that a special family is important for everyone. Give an example of how your family cares for you.

Answer: Yes, I agree with the poet that a special family is important for everyone.

My family always take care of him and makes me smile and happy.

Question 5: Give antonyms of the following words:

1. Little – big
2. Up – down
3. Laughs – cries
4. Good – bad
5. Love – hate
6. Best – worst
7. Special – common
8. Stand – sit

Question 6: Give two words that rhyme with the following words from the poem.

1. Child – wild, mild
2. Always – praise, stays
3. Done – none, one
4. Good – wood, could
5. Best – rest, west
6. Sun – fun, gun
7. Blessed – dressed, pressed

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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