My Grandmother Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share My Grandmother Questions & Answers.

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My Grandmother Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. What kind of a child was the author?

a. well-mannered
b. jealous
c. shy

2. Where did Uncle G live?

a. in Australia
b. in Singapore
c. in Malaysia

3. Why did the author refuse to touch Aachchi’s feet?

a. because he did not like Aachchi
b. because he had a back pain and could not bend to touch Aachchi’s feet
c. because he thought that Aachchi’s feet were dirty

4. Who was Rocky?

a. Author’s pet kitten
b. Aachchi’s pet dog
c. Uncle D’s pet parrot

Question 2: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. Or did I just think she did?

(a) Who is ‘she’ in the above line?

Answer: In the above line, ‘she’ is Aachchi, author’s grandmother.

(b) What did the narrator think she would do?

Answer: When the author was a child and at that time, he used to play hide and seek with uncle D’s children, Aachchi would always give away his most secret hiding places it was his thinking.

(c) Why did the narrator dislike her?

Answer: The narrator thought that Aachchi liked Uncle D’s children better than him and his siblings. So, he disliked her.

2. He entered with a worried look on his face.

(a) Who entered with a worried look?

Answer: Uncle D, Amma’s youngest brother, entered with a worried look on his face.

(b) What news did he bring?

Answer: He told Amma that Achchi was very ill.

(c) What day of the week was it?

Answer: It was Sunday.

3. Their faces bore the signs of deep grief.

(a) Whose faces bore the signs of deep grief?

Answer: Amma’s sisters’ faces bore the signs of deep grief.

(b) Why were they afraid?

Answer: They were afraid of Aachchi’s death.

(c) What thoughts crossed the narrator’s mind at this stage?

Answer: To see the signs of deep grief over all the faces, the narrator could know how much Aachchi meant to them. He knew then that there was something about Aachchi meant to them. He knew then that there was something about Aachchi that he didn’t know. Then much respect for Aachchi came in his mind and now he was ready to touch her feet. Now all bad feelings for Aachchi went out of his mind.

Question 3: Where did Aachchi live and with whom?

Answer: Aachchi lived alone in her big mansion at the top of hill.

Question 4: Highlight the differences in Aachchi’s behaviour towards the narrator and his cousins.

Answer: It was author’s believe that Aachchi liked uncle D’s children better than him (author) and his siblings.

Question 5: What did Aachchi complain to the narrator’s mother about him?

Answer: Aachchi complained to the narrator’s mother that he did not know how to behave with visitors and that he was too loud and boisterous.

Question 6: How did Uncle D describe Aachchi’s illness?

Answer: Uncle D told that Aachchi condition was not good. She was very ill. He also told that she had gone for her usual walk in the garden. On returning, she had developed a severe chill and high fever.

Question 7: Describe the bedroom scene when the narrator went to see Aachchi.

Answer: Aachchi was laying on her bed and her face lined with pain. On the wall above the bed, there was a framed photograph of Aachchi’s young days. All my aunts, Amma’s sisters were around Aachchi’s bed. Their faces bore the signs of deep grief and showed the fear of loss.

Question 8: Explain the line, “I knew then that there was something about Aachchi that I didn’t know.”

Answer: In this line, the author has shown the importance of Aachchi in this family. The author has shown his thought that Aachchi was one of the most valuable persons in his family. Nobody wants to lose her.

So, these were My Grandmother Questions & Answers.

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