My Side of the Mountain Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share My Side of the Mountain Questions & Answers.

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My Side of the Mountain Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where does the narrator live? Describe his home.

Answer: The narrator lives inside a huge, hollowed out, old hemlock tree.

Question 2: Why is the narrator unsure of the exact date?

Answer: The narrator has lost track of time (kept by marking notches on a tree) due to being busy trying to gather food for the winter ahead.

Question 3: How long gas the narrator been living in the wild?

Answer: The narrator has been living in the wild for over eight months.

Question 4: What activities keep the narrator busy?

Answer: The narrator is busy with finding and preparing food, improving his home, and tending to his fire.

Question 5: Which two animals has the narrator given names to and what are the names?

Answer: The narrator gave names to a falcon and a weasel. ‘Frightful’ is a trained falcon, and ‘The Baron’ is a weasel.

Question 6: How long has the narrator been inside because of the snowstorm?

Answer: The narrator is stuck inside the tree for two days because of the snowstorm.

Question 7: What does the narrator do once the snowstorm has passed?

Answer: He pokes his head into the soft snow and stands up; he laughs. h. He is frightened.

Question 8: How does he feel after the snowstorm? Give evidence about what he said and did to support your answer.

Answer: He is very happy and relieved: he laughs and shouts that he did it because he is so relieved to have survived. He whistles. He is carefree.

Question 9: Read and answer the questions:

a. I laughed at my fears.

i. What had the narrator been afraid of?

Answer: The narrator had been afraid of snowstorms in the winter.

ii. Why is he laughing now?

Answer: He has survived his first snowstorm.

b. It was good to be whistling and carefree again, because I was sure scared by the coming of that storm.

i. Who is the narrator whistling to?

Answer: The narrator is whistling to Frightful, his falcon.

ii. What had happened to the narrator?

Answer: He had been stuck in his home in the tree for two days during a snowstorm was happening.

c. Then I realized that the forest was dead quiet.

i. Why does it take the narrator a little while to realize that it is quiet?

Answer: He is busy working, using the fire to smoke fish.

ii. Why is it quiet?

Answer: All the animals have gone into hiding.

iii. What is about to happen?

Answer: A storm is coming.

So, these were My Side of the Mountain Questions & Answers.

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