Night of The Scorpion MCQ

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Written by Nissim Ezekiel, this poem shows how grateful the mother is to God that the scorpion spared her children and stung her instead of them. This shows he eternal love of the mother for her kids. In this poem, the poet tries to convey that a mother always want the best for her child and is always ready to bear any harm for their children.
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Night of The Scorpion MCQ

Question: Choose the correct option:

1. The mother was stung by a

i. scorpion
ii. bee
iii. crab
iv. black ant

2. The mother was stung on the

i. foot
ii. ankle
iii. toe
iv. calf

3. How long had it been raining?

i. 5 hours
ii. 10 hours
iii. 15 hours
iv. 25 hours

4. Where did the scorpion hide to escape the rain?

i. Behind the sack
ii. Beneath the sack
iii. Behind the trunk
iv. Beneath the trunk

5. The peasants buzzed the name of God________.

i. to kill the scorpion
ii. to drive away the scorpion
iii. to paralyze the scorpion
iv. to catch the scorpion

6. The word diabolic means

i. devilish
ii. very short
iii. sacred
iv. double edged

7. The peasants used candles and lanterns to_______

i. to stop the scorpion from stinging again
ii. to search for the scorpion
iii. to light up the hut
iv. to scare away the scorpion

8. The poison of the scorpion will purify her flesh of_______

i. hatred and anger
ii. sufferings
iii. desire and ambition
iv. love and bonding

9. The word ‘flash’ means

i. a quick and sudden action
ii. a cowardly action
iii. a wicked action

10. The peasants believed that the movement of the scorpion is_______

i. good
ii. pleasant
iii. painful
iv. bad

11. The peasants call this world as the_______world.

i. unreal
ii. real
iii. permanent
iv. temporary

12. The father was________.

i. sceptic and irrationalist
ii. sceptic and rationalist
iii. devoted and loving
iv. caring and rationalist

Night of The Scorpion MCQ

13. Identify the figure of speech in – “The peasants came like swarms of flies.”

i. Metaphor
ii. Alliteration
iii. Simile
iv. Personification

14. What was the mother laying on?

i. a mat
ii. her bed
iii. on the ground
iv. a rug

15. According to the poet, the villagers were

i. ritual-bound people
ii. superstitious
iii. orthodox
iv. all of these

16. The poet’s father represents the

i. scientifically tempered Indian
ii. progressive Indian
iii. fact-oriented Indian
iv. all of these

17. After how many hours, the poet’s mother get relief?

i. 10 hours
ii. 15 hours
iii. 20 hours
iv. 24 hours

18. ‘The scorpion picked on me. And spared my children’ depicts___________

i. selfless and unconditional love of mother.
ii. mother’s bravery
iii. mother’s endurance
iv. none of these

19. Who performed rituals with an incantation to tame the poison?

i. The holy man
ii. The relatives
iii. Poet’s father
iv. The villagers

20. The phrase ‘clicked their tongues’ expresses

i. the peasants’ fellow feeling for the poet’s mother
ii. the peasants’ worries about the sting
iii. the peasants’ failure to find the scorpion
iv. the peasants’ sorrow for the mother

21. Whose shadows were thrown on the walls?

i. the poet’s
ii. the scorpion’s
iii. the peasants’
iv. the poet’s mother

22. Why did the peasants want the scorpion to sit still?

i. because the scorpion’s poison is very dangerous.
ii. because the scorpion will sting somebody else
iii. because they believed that with the movement of the scorpion, the poison moved in the mother’s body.
iv. because they couldn’t search the scorpion

23. What did the poet’s father do to cure the poet’s mother?

i. He applied powder, mixture, herb and hybrid upon the bitten toe.
ii. He poured a little paraffin upon the bitten toe and put a match to it.
iii. Both i & ii
iv. He performed some rituals with incantation to tame the poison.

24. What does the poem say about a mother?

i. The poem shows selfless love of the mother.
ii. Mother loves her children more than herself.
iii. She wants to save her children from every kind of pain.
iv. All of these.

25. The child is afraid but admires__________

i. his father trying every way to cure.
ii. the bravery of his mother.
iii. the initiative of the peasants

So, these were Night of The Scorpion MCQ.

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