An Inspiring Tale of A Foot and Mouth Artist Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share An Inspiring Tale of A Foot and Mouth Artist Questions & Answers.

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An Inspiring Tale of A Foot and Mouth Artist Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Endowed – provided with a quality or ability
  • Fascinated – attracted and interested in somebody/something very much
  • Brandishing – holding or waving something in an aggressive way
  • Dismay – a worried, sad feeling after you have received an unpleasant surprise
  • Easels – wooden fames to hold pictures while they are being painted
  • Aesthetic – made in an artistic way and beautiful to look at
  • Dignity – a sense of your own importance and value
  • Indifferent – having or showing no interest in somebody
  • Beholding – looking or seeing somebody

Question 1: How old was Janarthanan when the incident took place?

Answer: Janarthanan was eight years old when he met with the incident.

Question 2: Why did Janarthanan rush up to the terrace of his building?

Answer: Janarthanan rushed up to the terrace of his building in the hope to find his friends there.

Question 3: How did Janarthanan receive an electric shock?

Answer: On the terrace, Janarthanan spotted an iron rod lying in one corner of the terrace. Fascinated by this new thing, he rushed towards the rod. Janarthanan imagined himself to be a superhero, he held the rod in excitement and ran around the terrace. Suddenly, the iron rod touched a high-tension electrical line. As soon as the rod came in contact with the electrical line, Janarthanan received a terrible electric shock, which made his entire body shake violently.

Question 4: What happened to Janarthanan in the process of the treatment?

Answer: In the process of the treatment, Janarthanan lost both his arms and the left leg.

Question 5: Who came as a ray of hope to the family? How?

Answer: Dr. Seeniraj came as a ray of hope for the family. The doctor being an optimist, refused to give up on the boy. He motivated Janarthanan with his encouraging words and urged him to lead a normal life. He encouraged Janarthanan to try to write with his mouth.

Question 6: What was the turning point for Janarthanan?

Answer: One day, Janarthanan saw his mother drawing small flowers inside a notebook. He thought to himself that he should try drawing with his mouth. This was the turning point for Janarthanan.

Question 7: What encouraged him to perform better?

Answer: During the day, Janarthanan worked hard and practised for long hours. At times, he would stay up at night to practice.
During the drawing classes in school, Janarthanan would sit quietly and observe his classmates draw. This urged him to continue to draw pictures with his mouth and encouraged him to draw better.

Question 8: What paved the way for Janarthanan to participate in various competitions?

Answer: Janarthanan participated in a drawing competition in his school and he won the first prize. This paved the way for Janarthanan to participate in various competitions.

Question 9: What is the role of MFPA in helping foot and mouth artist?

Answer: MFPA (The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Association) is an organisation that creates awareness about foot and mouth artists. This organisation has given a platform to differently abled artists to showcase their talent.

Question 10: Describe the equipment used by foot and mouth artists to paint?

Answer: The equipment for foot and mouth painting artists is specially designed. For instance, the handles of their paint brushes are developed from archery arrows, bent in such a way that these brushes can fit inside the hollow arrow shafts. The easels are adapted so that they can move up and down.

So, these were An Inspiring Tale of A Foot and Mouth Artist Questions & Answers.

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