North Wind’s Gift Questions & Answers

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North Wind’s Gift Questions & Answers

Question 1: The following sentences from the story are jumbled up. Number them in the correct order.


…7…The boy lost it too.
…2…The North Wind snatched his oats and went away.
…10…Geppoe became rich.
…4…He was given a magic cloth which could give a variety of food.
…8…The North Wind gave him a stick which could beat people.
…6…Then the North Wind gave a ram which made gold coins.
…1…Mother asked Geppoe to go the city to get oats.
…5…The innkeeper stole the cloth and replaced it with a fake cloth.
…9…The stick beat up the innkeeper and Geppoe got back everything he had lost.
…3…Geppoe went to the North Wind’s house.

Question 2: Write True or False for the following sentences:

1. Geppoe went to the market to buy oats – False
2. The North Wind took away all the oats – True
3. The boy took a ride to the North Wind’s house – False
4. The innkeeper asked for the cloth – False
5. Geppoe went back to the North Wind’s house to ask for oats – False

Question 3: Why did the boy follow the North Wind?

Answer: The boy followed the North Wind because it blew away his oats.

Question 4: Why did the North Wind help the boy?

Answer: The North Wind helped the boy because he was brave enough to come all the way alone by himself to North Wind’s house.

Question 5: What did the North Wind first give the boy?

Answer: The North Wind first gave the boy a ‘Cloth’ that would serve up all sorts of good dishes.

Question 6: How did the boy test the magic cloth?

Answer: On the way back home, the boy stopped at an inn and tried the magic cloth. He found that it served a table full of exotic dishes.

Question 7: What did the innkeeper do with the magic cloth?

Answer: The innkeeper quietly replaced the magic cloth with a fake one.

Question 8: What did the North Wind give the boy second time?

Answer: Second time, the North Wind gave the boy a ram (a kind of sheep) that could make gold coins.

Question 9: How was the innkeeper punished?

Answer: The innkeeper was punished by being beaten by the stick which was given by the North Wind to the boy until he promised to give back his cloth and ram.

Question 10: What lesson did you learn from the story?

Answer: The lesson learnt from the story is that one must not steal.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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