Once Upon a Time Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Once Upon a Time Questions & Answers.

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Once Upon a Time Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Twirl – walking in a circle
  • Communicate – to express thoughts
  • Trials and troubles – problems

Question 1: Choose the correct option.

(a) The poem is about………

i. family
ii. forest
iii. ocean

(b) The family members sing and dance in the……….

i. kitchen
ii. living room
iii. bedroom

(c) The family in the poem is a……….

i. loving family
ii. joint family
iii. rude family

(d) In a happy family, all members………

i. fight with each other
ii. love and trust each other
iii. do not talk to each other

Question 2: Write True or False:

(a) The poet of the poem is Jacqueline Shor – True
(b) The family was very sad – False
(c) We should hate each other to remain happy – False
(d) We should share each other’s thoughts in our family – False
(e) Every night they gather in the living room – True

Question 3: What do the family do every night?

Answer: Every night, the family used to gather in the living room, dance and sing sweet songs.

Question 4: How many members were there in the family?

Answer: There were six members in the family.

Question 5: Which line in the poem tells us that the family members cared for one another?

Answer: The line in the poem which tells us that the family members cared for one another is –
The love was great they shared,
You see, they showed they cared.

Question 6: What is required for a happy family?

Answer: Love, affection, trust, sharing of thoughts and free communication is required for a happy family.

Question 7: We are often polite and courteous to outsiders but rude with our family members. Is such behaviour correct? How can we change such behaviour?

Answer: Such behaviour is not correct. We can change this behaviour by keeping in mind that our family is always there for us through the thick and thin and not the outsiders.

So, these were Once Upon a Time Questions & Answers.

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