One Good Turn Deserves Another Questions & Answers

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One Good Turn Deserves Another Questions & Answers

Question 1: What did Hughie find when he entered Trevor’s studio?

Answer: When Hughie entered Trevor’s studio, he found Trevor painting an old beggar in rags.

Question 2: What advantage did the beggar take of Trevor’s absence?

Answer: The beggar took advantage of Trevor’s absence to rest for a moment on a wooden bench behind him.

Question 3: Why couldn’t the beggar rest while Trevor was in the room?

Answer: The beggar was modelling for a portrait, so he could not move while Trevor was making his painting.

Question 4: Why did Hughie slip the only sovereign that he had into the beggar’s hand?

Answer: The beggar looked so miserable to Hughie that he could not help pitying him and felt in his pocket for some change. All he could find was a sovereign. Though he himself was badly in need, he felt the beggar’s need was greater than his own so, he slipped the sovereign into the beggar’s hand.

Question 5: Where did Trevor and Hughie meet in the evening?

Answer: Trevor and Hughie met again in the evening at the Palette Club.

Question 6: Why did Hughie become furious?

Answer: When Trevor told Hughie that he had told the beggar about Laura, Hughie’s fiancée and about the ten thousand pounds that her father had asked him to have ready if he wanted to marry Laura, Hughie became furious. This is because he didn’t want to disclose his private matters to the beggar.

Question 7: What prevented Hughie from marrying Laura Merton?

Answer: Hughie did not have the ten thousand pounds which Laura’s father had asked him to have if he wanted to marry the girl.

Question 8: Who was the old beggar in reality?

Answer: In reality, the old beggar was Baron Hausberg, one of the richest men in Europe who could buy all of London.

Question 9: What did the envelope from Baron Hausberg contain?

Answer: The envelope from Baron Hausberg was containing a cheque for ten thousand pounds for Hughie.

Question 10: What was written on the outside of the envelope from Baron Hausberg?

Answer: On the outside of the envelope, it was written ‘A wedding present for Hughie Erskine and Laura Merton from an old beggar.’

Question 11: What does the phrase ‘One Good Turn Deserves Another’ mean?

Answer: The phrase means that if someone does something nice to you, you should do something nice back.

Question 12: Does this story communicate any message to the reader?

Answer: This story communicates the message that ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Be kind to others.

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